Crunchy Roll Opinion Piece.

  • So, i recently commented on (i guess one of their “newer” acquisitions) but, apparently, my viewpoint did not meet with the “prevailing wisdom” of the day, therefore, my comment was bombed in the “no” column and “hidden” by the thought police. I guess it’s their site so whatever, however, my feeling is that just because an opposing opinion is brought to the table, should NOT mean that it is shut down and “hidden”. Who determines this? An automated system that is pre-configured so that when it detects enough “thumbs down” by other misguided people it conceals your comment? I call garbage on that, and, i should take that into consideration when my CR subscription is due. You could say,

    “Why are you posting this here...”

    To that, i will say if i post this over there, it will most likely be silenced as well. Hopefully, this site will never function in the abovementioned manner.

    All in all, Grand Alliance smiles, takes a sip of tea, and remarks, “Foolish P.J., i warned you about the culture over on CR, but no matter.”

    To that, i laugh right back, and, am still glad i said what i said...


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  • Yes, yes. Very cute, should i be expecting the wall gif next? (laughs) ;-)

  • Our system is supposed to hide comments on the video player pages that receive enough downvotes, but I'm not sure if that is working. We've not received any bugs about it, at least. You can always post your opinions over here on the forum. ^_^

  • @P.J. What did you post on CR?

  • A common trait of many people that get upset about getting their comment downvoted into obscurity is that they seem to have a high opinion of their own opinion.

    It isn't as if downvoted comments are deleted. Anyone that believes all comments should be read can simply click the link to show a hidden comment.

  • Ah, Farph cuts right to the "heart" of the matter, nicely done. Have you given any thought to my bumper sticker suggestion? (laughs) ;-)

    Ancient highlights an aspect of high-mindedness. Interesting... More or less, it is discouraging to see a system that can marginalize thought. I will also add (realistically) how many people do you think take the time to "reveal" a comment once put into obscurity? (laughs) :-)

    Take care,

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