Back... for a while

  • I was supposed to be in Tokyo for a while longer, but back in the states early. Don't ask about anything from the Spring season if you don't want a spoiler. It all wrapped up in Japan well over a week ago. I will say that I'm glad to see that Funimation has already announced a couple of titles I was looking forward to because I personally think they got the short end of the stick with the Spring titles.

    With regards to Japan itself I'm already feeling a bit homesick, but feel free to ask any questions. If I have an answer, I'm by no means an expert after living there for a while, I'll try to explain. A lot of things I didn't understand when I first got there, and even understanding the language didn't immediately help. Others which I thought were urban legends which ended up being completely true, including some of the anime exaggerations, and especially when they're pointing out differences in language or dialect. I'm still not sure how anybody can fully understand the Osaka dialect.

    Enough for now. As the title says, I'm back for a while and looking forward to being active on the forum again.

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