Inconsistency that should be corrected...

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  • "It's been called love and affection" (which is clearly Masamune) being listed under Your Name.


  • It seems to happens to every title that doesn't have any episode (or movie), instead of showing nothing, it shows the the title of the episode of the previous entry in the queue. I sent a bug report a while ago but they didn't seem to understand what I meant and just answered that the serie/movie had no video available for streaming at the moment ... and I explained the problem as clearly as I could in those 300 characters...

  • Don't you just love those kinds of limiters? ;-) Just like when i'm trying to issue a rebuttal in Crunchy Roll's "comments section" and they slap you with a word limit, however, oftentimes, it requires more explanation to counter someone's overly simplistic, asinine comment towards you... Forgive me, i'm a little disgusted with CR right now...

    Anyway, i must say, i like your avatar and handle-name. "The Krock". Can you just "feel" the authority and the power when you say that out loud? Come on, let's all say it together now, "The Krock!" Yes, i like that, indeed. When someone gets on your nerves (probably like this post) all you have to say in a deep voice is, "Are YOU messin' with the KROCK?!" "I didn't think so.." Then, problem solved. {:-D

    Kool-Aid man voice: "Oh, Yeah!"

    Take care,

  • @the_krock Don't worry. Tech was able to log the bug.

  • @Sophie Thanks, good to know.

    @P-J I never really thought of my username as "authoritative" before but I get the vibe of what you're saying, anyway I had a good laugh reading that. (the avatar is from ReLIFE)

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