FUNimation Staycation Summer 2017: You Should Be Watching... Not Tanning

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    Bad for your skin, don't you know?...

    FINALLY about damn time... You Should Be Watching... is back! Progress is made! Victory, at last!...

    It appears with great finesse that the new, new series Simuldub season has begun with the release of "18if"; a "same day as sub" title.

    Yes, there are a few other random Shonen things, but they are continuing season/sequel products. This is the first actually new IP we get to see, for once. A very messed up premise indeed, but strangely watchable at the moment. In either case, something for you to consider...

    Anyways, now, as to the release for the rest of the titles... FUNimation?............



    In regards to the "Dub v Sub" argument, as detailed and including some series analysis in posts below, Anime that indeed...


    Restaurant to Another World
    Sakura Quest (from previous Season)

  • @thegrandalliance

    We should keep watching for 1 show? What has happened to you?

    1 show should not make it alright to continue watching... that is, if you can watch with so many broken apps still rampant.

    FunFailed should have been the rebrand of the company name. However, "Lets go to the beach to play with all the balls that Funi has dropped" could be the new slogan for the summer.

    All of the other companies bought the rights to the better shows for yet another season. 1 show is not worth it to keep watching, and I am ashamed of you.

    Bad TGA, Bad.

  • @valyn76 said in FUNimation Staycation Summer 2017: You Should Be Watching... Not Tanning:


    We should keep watching for 1 show? What has happened to you?

    They announced eight at AX, with more to come

    alt text

  • @Riles

    @thegrandalliance only named 1... Thanks for playing though.

    Ok, that came out sort of mean.

    My reply to @thegrandalliance was in reference to the only show that would support the old slogan "You Should Be Watching." Since it was only the 1 show, and not really mention of the other shows brought up at AX that we "should be watching."

    Therefor, your reply to me sent me into a negative reaction due to the fact that you clearly did not read the original post, and or just decided to make a reply trying negating my valid point.

  • @valyn76

    Okay, I think you are overthinking this...

    First of all, this is an introduction to Summer. The first title. Generally, they only have one all new IP simulcast simuldub per season, it seems. The rest will be delayed.

    Second, you really need to get off the apps problem. The website browser works just fine, as so does others: Use Amazon Fire TV, mobile apps, the like. Yes, PS4/Roku have "issues"; but they already suck anyways, so u shouldn't be using them in the first place...

    Third, and perhaps final... Did you not read my last paragraph of the OP? It is very contradictory and perhaps supports your argument already...

    But yes, there is still "Tsugumomo" from last season that is finishing up that you should check out. Also, I have been watching "Sakura Quest" as well... That dub is, "sufficient".

    FUNI/CR got the best overall collection titles this time, make no mistake... unless ur really hung up over that one on Netflix. But that is only 1, mind ye. Amazon Strike's exclusives are worthless. Sentai this season are subpar compared to average. Aniplex....

    So yes, although they only have released one title, I presume you can look forward to more. The only question remains is, is if the dub>sub. I have yet to verify this.

    Nevertheless, in terms of the anime itself...

    You Should be Watching...

  • @valyn76 said in FUNimation Staycation Summer 2017: You Should Be Watching... Not Tanning:

    My reply to @thegrandalliance was in reference to the only show that would support the old slogan "You Should Be Watching." Since it was only the 1 show, and not really mention of the other shows brought up at AX that we "should be watching."

    Therefor, your reply to me sent me into a negative reaction due to the fact that you clearly did not read the original post, and or just decided to make a reply trying negating my valid point.

    I can't help it if you don't word your posts correctly, dude. I can only respond to what's written, not what you're trying to say

  • I would put in the suggestion that Saiyuki Reload Blast get a dub with the old gang- Greg, David, even Illich.

    As far as 18if, that was interesting.

  • Okay, thanks to the courtesy of @Doublethree100
    I was able to detail analyze the dub vs sub. In summary, dub wins by decision.

    This one is close... But basically the winning factor is the cat character, Katsumi. Both the VA and script variations win out. He is much more funny, and more animated voice then the Japanese. Indeed, the Jap VS sounds like they are voicing a rat, not a *cat.

    This one scene explains it all:


    As you can see in the Japanese Sub above, this line is sorta bland. In the dub, the cat says,

    Ahh, it went straight to my hips!

    The sub is dry, the dub is comical. No contest.

    As to "the others", the main char VA performance (Haruto) is perhaps marginally better then the sub; no knockout here yet, however.

    On the negatives, the female VAs: FUNI commonly falls behind the high lvl performance of the Japanese. As expected, annoying-want-to-punch-TV-very-much-so Monica Rial vs Sexy Japanese VA Witch character (Yuko) is no contest... the good news is that this character seems to be a one-off intro for episode 1, but hard to say.

    The "sister" (Lily) with Alexis Tipton vs Jap VA... Marginal win for Jap VA. The difference is the Japanese voice is a bit muted, but appropriate for the role; Ms Tipton cannot stay a quiet voice for the life of her. Her VA of every role is always "stimulated", which works for hentai anime, but not a serious character: It is like she wants to have sex with her "brother", in this case. Not as bad as Rial, but not better then the sub, either.

    So, in the end, if this title develops as a comedy with the cat making the jokes; sexy girl vs manly cat, in this case the FUNIDub will win out handedly, as the sub is dry. If however, this anime goes serious mode and the comedy duo is a nonfactor, the sub will win.

    Thus, based upon my projective analysis of episode 1 on a going forward basis, I have to call it for the dub. If you watch the sub, it is boring; sexy Blonde is just not enough, and no wonder it has only 3/5 stars on CR.

    Only Time Shall Tell, but it does seem FUNPeople win this one. Improvements should be made, regardless. Hopefully they read this...

    Indeed, as in either case...

    You Should Be Watching...

  • Do you not like Monica at all or is it just the higher pitched end of her vocal range you cant stand?

  • @Getchman

    Her voice, at least how she uses maybe, is only good for portraying "an annoying anime character"; probably due to the volatile intonation (up/downs in pitch).

    I have a reAALY HIGH PITCH VOICE, but now it is so dark and eeevil, huuaaauh! (shudder)...


    So, if she is playing a whiney/kiddie role, it works. Lots of annoying anime girls she does; usually a side character. But, if if she is trying to be seductive as the Jap VA is, no good. Insta-turn off.

    Although one could argue that the Rial approach to this dub better suits the blonde character, it comes off too aggro here. Plus, when she, I presume, the VAs goes back into the "human" form of her later, it will come off as too aggro (as seen in flashback scene). She is supposed to be quiet/shy, reason was apparently bullied. If she has aggro voice, the backstory won't make sense.

    I will admit that this argumentation is much more subjective then the one of the changes in dialog of the cat, nevertheless this not being "first rodeo" with Rial, trouble lies ahead. Rial ruined the main girl in AkibaStrip, the last Gonzo title this year. If you watch that performance and compare to Jap Sub, you will find the parallels as to my argument.

    Indeed, I am not saying FUNimation should fire the VA; she has her "place" as a VA, but indeed it seems a bit typecast in outcomes. Whereas, the male English VAs FUNimation has, for some reason, are a tad bit more "flexible"... as seen with this cat. You're looking at "Kraft Lawrence" from Spice/Wolf supposedly, BTW....

    The same is true with Alexis Tipton... Always in /hentai mode. Always upbeat voice, even when trying to play a "dark/mysterious sister". So yes, a, "thing"...

    But no matter... The dub overall is still better, so it works kinda, I suppose. Room for improvement, so not their best work.

  • @thegrandalliance said in FUNimation Staycation Summer 2017: You Should Be Watching... Not Tanning:

    But, if if she is trying to be seductive as the Jap VA is, no good. Insta-turn off.

    Go watch Michiko & Hatchin and then report back to me.

  • @classyspartan

    HAHAHA! HAHAHA! HAaaaaha, ehm... Ooo, hairball.....

    Indeed, I know someone who named their black girl cat Michiko. Always hides from me, or mostly anyone; sorta a feral cat...

    Yes, uh, no... What's more of a shame is that I had to rewatch some of that "intellectually challenged, western-inspired anime" just to argue the point, but here goes...

    At first glace, you may leave with the idea that Rial's performance "is sexy Latina", but this anime title is like, Halo/Master Chief. The characters, esp Michiko, literally like never go above 5 words a sentence average, if that. Lots of pauses. Silence. So, if Rial says 1-3 words, u may think it is "good", simply because not enough time has elasped to convey her intonation; that is an effect observed over time.

    But don't be fooled. All is revealed when "she gets angry Latino mode". Then, that intonation with high pitch becomes very audible, it just slips out. Very similar to her performance as the konk shell girl in "My Bride is a Seto Mermaid", when /angrymode. Oh, and BTW, the Jap VA on this title is actually quite nice, I noticed.

    Whether she is yelling at that detective lady chasing her, her boyfriend in flashback, or whomever... Whatever idea u had, @classyspartan is gone. SAD! With exclamation.

    But nice try, I will admit. Perhaps, the closest Rial got. But still, annoying. Contributing towards "global deflation" with that voice, no doubt. The Jap VA is also superior, use her as comparison.

    And, you have to admit Classy, her role in 18if sounds nothing like M/H, anyways, soo....

    But, if if she is trying to be seductive as the Jap VA is, no good. Insta-turn off.

    Point stands.

    Indeed, but do excuse me, while I purge this filthy peasant anime from me conscience. Oh, but what despicable foolishness...



    Alas, if you find Rial's performance "sexy", well, I suppose beauty is indeed "in the eye of the beholder".

    No matter. Now, on towards other issues at hand...

  • alt text

    Opinions are opinions I guess, but I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this particular matter.

  • Oh, my goodness there were a number of good plays in this thread (please pass the oxygen due to too much laughter) {:-D

    Valyn talking about the balls FUN has dropped for use at the beach (priceless)

    Then TGA with a wallop of a post, and, i'm like how is Classy going to respond to that, good grief... Then, Classy drops these AWESOME pics of (i don't know what) perhaps Martin Luther reading the 95 Theses? Those facial expressions fit the bill perfectly - - HILARIOUS! :-D

    All i can say is, i appreciate the voice talents of both Alexis Tipton AND Monica Rial. Does anyone remember Monica as Reimi Odajima? I also appreciate her role as Yoshino Koiwai.

    we live for threads like this...


  • @P.J.

    I looked it up... He is of a much later Englishman...

    Very Most Sincerely,

  • I dont agree with the majority of what you just said, but thanks for the explanation

  • @Getchman same. it just looks like a bias review

  • @thegrandalliance if you want to see monica rial at her finest. look at Tanya the Evil. It's obvious from there on

  • @Mrluis613

    Ahh, yea that "WWII" title. Sorry, I am not following your logic... She is in full default voice setting mode on that one... Squeaky volatile intonation as always. Michiko/Hatchin of Classy was probably the best counter to my arguement, but even still.

    I had to go to CR to compare the sub yet again, but let us analyze the "intended" portrayal by Japanese ADR, and how Rial "modifies" it such thereof.

    In this case, both use a higher pitch voice to portay the kid. The difference is in the execution, the intonation; but technically more accurate a concept known as "prosody" This is my problem with the Rial model:

    In linguistics, prosody (from Ancient Greek: προσῳδίᾱ prosōidíā "song sung to music; tone or accent of a syllable", Attic Greek pronunciation: [prosɔː(i)díaː]) is concerned with those elements of speech that are not individual phonetic segments (vowels and consonants) but are properties of syllables and larger units of speech. These contribute to linguistic functions such as intonation, tone, stress, and rhythm. Prosody may reflect various features of the speaker or the utterance: the emotional state of the speaker; the form of the utterance (statement, question, or command); the presence of irony or sarcasm; emphasis, contrast, and focus; or other elements of language that may not be encoded by grammar or by choice of vocabulary.

    Indeed, as my biggest problem with Rial is usually the intonation and volume components of her work, but it has to be combined together with the aspects of Prosody in order to make sense. Although the Wiki is long, I suggest you read up a bit if you really wish to understand my reasoning for the following.

    In the case of Tanya vs SUB; episode 1 actually good subset of range of portrayal, the difference is that Jap Tayna is very muted, neutral in tone and soft voice while speaking; when shouting, maintains linear pitch output. This gives the illusion of "an dark, evil child". One that seems like it is mumbling all the time, as if possessed.

    Whereas in Rial's case, her voice sounds like she is PMSing all day long. Whether in conversation "with friends", or yelling at the enemy in combat. It gives the portrayal of a "active, excited, cheerful/yandere" girl, and not one that has succumbed to dark forces.

    ...and it is "Tanya the Evil", BTW, not "Tanya the Bitch". I could see how they could be conflated, of course...

    I will admit @Mrluis613 , this literary concept of Prosody may be a hard one to get, nevertheless perhaps over the many years after watching lots of anime, both sub/dub and compare the performances, you may start to notice differences. Like music, even if you have 2 bands play the same piece, how they play will sound likely very different. Or, why do we have "professionals" in the first place, of course? Just have the "machine learning", the AI do everything..... Especially kawaii 16 year old robot girls with green twin tails... matter. Although one claims the argument to be "biased" whatever the implication of that is; the basis for my argument is one of objective reasoning, that Rial has constantly over decades it seems, "modified Japanese performances beyond intended specifications". That indeed, she takes a well-crafted work by the Jap ADR, and nerfs it hard.

    ...and the result is that some of the "storytelling" is lost in this translation. In the case of Tanya, well, the Rial version is "not so evil".

    Take it as you will... In time, perhaps...

    It shall be so...

  • ...moving on... It seems they ninja'ed some more titles on the Simuldub site, updated OP. Crunchyroll did the same, announced only after broadcast of first episodes. So many questions...

    ...and still no blog post. But yes...

    When some of these actually start playing, time to get back into comparing sub v dub. I imagine New Game will be toughest cookie to crack, requiring perfect skills to beat the sub. And they all girls, too. This is not hopeful...

    No matter.

  • just wondering, why does the dub have to beat the Japanese in order for you to considering watching it?

    Please, if you can avoid a wall of text, that would be nice