What happened to the subs in One Piece?

  • In the Enies Lobby arc, I noticed that the original subtitles for the Japanese dub were removed in favor of a cheapy font. Will this be fixed soon?

  • The subtitles for those episodes are soft, but there is currently no way to change the font in Account > Preferences Subtitles & Captioning Settings (but I could have sworn there was). However, I can help make that happen. Which fonts choices would you like?

  • It's alright, I've tried many different fonts that were available in the settings, but none suited my needs. I'd love it if the original font came back, though. Thanks for your help!

  • @Andres_Saldi

    Where do you see fonts in the site settings? I don't have them on my account at all, so I'm wondering if that is a bug.

    What was the original font? Arial?

  • @Sophie The font settings are found in My Account > Preferences > Subtitles and Captioning Settings. The original font had thick white letters with a black outlining, like the style used in the latest One Piece episodes. 0_1499726023876_DEaFJKPWsAA_3kz.jpg
    Now for the majority of the Water Seven and Thriller Bark sagas, it's been replaced with a cheap font just because they updated the Funimation intro. Sabaody has yet to be changed, but it's highly likely that will happen. Will that be fixed in the future?

  • Yes, the font settings should be there, but they aren't for me in my main account nor our test subscriber account.


    Thanks for the screenshot. That really helps. Those are the hard-coded subs and indicate that the video has not been re-encoded yet. The hard-coded subtitles and supertitles aren't coming back, unfortunately. However, I can see if we can add that font to the library of available soft subtitle fonts, so you can make the soft subtitles on the newly encoded episodes look more like the previous hard-coded subtitles.

    This change had nothing to do with replacing the video logo, though. The Digital Team has been going through the entire library and re-encoding to improve the video quality, the audio quality, and remove the hardcoded subtitles. The video logo update was just thrown in as part of the re-encode.

  • @Sophie Adding that same font to the settings would be a dream come true. But for now, I'll stick to Crunchyroll for the Water Seven and Thriller Bark arcs, then come back here where the hard-coded fonts are. Thank you for your time.

    Also, I'd like to know if that spelling error I showed in my pic would be fixed. Will it be possible? Who translates the show: Funimation or Crunchyroll?

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