FUNimation should also redub Canadian cartoons.

  • As we all know, FUNimation is the king of anime dubbing. And to some of us, they never made a mistake with what they have done. But what if they redub certain canadian show that we keep getting "aquired" from North America. I think if they added some strong language, suggested dialog and some non-FUNImation guest voices, they would do better than the ones that we already got .

    I'm going to suggest 5 shows that needed to get the FUNi-style make over with my casting idea .

    1.) Yakkity Yak
    Yakkity Yak-Akron Watson
    Keo-Cherami Leigh
    Granny Yak-Juli Erickson
    Professor Crazyhair-R. Bruce Elliot
    Keo's Dad-Jerry Jewell
    Trilobite Flea-John Gremillion
    Lemony-Luci Christian
    Penelope-Monica Rial
    Mr. High-Pants-Wayne Knight
    Rondo Jr.-Todd Haberkorn
    Wanda Harper-Jamie Marchi
    Chuck Damage-Chris Sabat

    2.) Pearlie
    Pearlie-Alexis Tipton
    Opel-Luci Christian
    Jasper-Colleen Clinkenbeard
    Saphira-Cherami Leigh
    Gobsmack-Tom Kenny
    Lugwid-Ian Sinclair
    Strag-Jerry Jewell
    Mr. Flea-Andrew Love

    3.) Being Ian
    Ian-Joel McDonald
    Korey-Greg Ayres
    Kyle-Todd Haberkorn
    Mr. Kelly-Micah Solisod
    Mrs. Kelly-Catilin Glass
    Sadee-Jad Saxton
    Tyrone-Akron Watson

    4.) Sidekick
    Eric Needles-Mike MacFarlane
    Trevor Troublemeyor-Greg Ayres
    Vana Glama-Jamie Marchi
    Kitty Ko-Luci Christian
    Professor Pampelmoose-Danny Mann
    Mr. Troublemeyor/Master XOX-Ian Sinclair
    Maxum Man-Chris Sabat
    Golly G Kid-R. Bruce Elliot

    5.) Scaredy Squirrel
    Scaredy-Monica Rial
    Dave-Andrew Love
    Nester-Charlies Adler
    Paddy-Todd Haberkorn
    Sally-Jamie Marchi
    Momma-Mike MacFarlane
    Dan Duck-John Gremillion

    I bet the FUNImation version of these shows would a lot better than there original versions.

  • Really? Those shows have come long a go. If you want to talk something like this, you can talk that over in the "Texas Voice Acting and Cartoons thread.

  • Yeah… That's..... NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

    You do realize voice acting for North American animation is done before hand then the animation is made around the VAs performance, right? This is basically spam. So ima lock it now.

  • Troll? Yes?

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