Possible English dub cast of Danganronpa: The Animation

  • With the game coming out this year with a dub (done by Bang Zoom! Entertainment), I'm wondering if Funi's going to reprise the voice cast for the dub of the anime adaptation since the expected release date is going to be at least by the end of 2014 (barely a year after the game gets released here).

  • It looks like it will be very likely they already have a few English dub cast members.

  • I actually think Funimation will do their own in-house dub.

    Companies like Funimation have nothing personal against California voice talent; after all there have been several California people who have recorded dubs at Funimation over the years.

    But there is some competition between studios.

    Bang Zoom and Funimation have never been best buds and I don't see that changing any time soon. There have been opportunities for Funimation to outsource a dub to Bang Zoom for a continued anime (e.g. Fafner movie and Last Exile Fam The Silver Wing) but it didn't happen.

    Also consider the fact the English dub work for the Trigger Happy Havoc video game has mixed reviews. A good chunk of the cast being fairly new voice actors who are still a little rough around the edges…

    Also wouldn't be surprised if Funimation wanted a payback moment. I always thought NIS America should've had Okratron5000 (who Funimation has used now and again like for DBZ Kai) to work on the video game dub.

    NIS America knew Funimation had simulcast the anime (and would most likely pick up home video rights). But NIS Amercia and Bang Zoom are basically married to each other so the thought of using another studio was probably unthinkable.

    Shame though. Had Okratron5000 dubbed the video game, then the exact same cast would return for the anime dub since Okratron's talent pool is 99% Funimation voice actors and anime fans could get a sense of what Funimation's anime dub would sound like a lot sooner instead of waiting another year.

    As for who Funimation might use I'm not sure; depends on the ADR Director (each person having their personal favorite voice actors they like using)

    As long as Jamie Marchi and David Wald have a role I can't complain; my favorite Texas voice actress & voice actor who often outshine their peers.

  • Okratron should dub all video games. Not only do they do a fine job but they give games an extra level of awesome. While Borderlands (both) and Deus Ex: Invisible War weren't the greatest games, their inclusion of anime voice actors made them more enjoyable than they should have been. I'm not a fan of Bang/Zoom as their dubs too often sound forced :(

    I suppose that it is possible that Funi might bring in some of the CA guys for a dub of this-they did with Tales of Vesperia-but I wouldn't bet on it.

  • They might get few of the voice actors from the game but it depends on their schedule.

    For the Tales of Vesperia movie dub, only two actors from the game reprise their roles for it (Troy Baker and Sam Riegel).

  • I'm gonna have to disagree on that. While I thought that FUNi would do their own dub at first, the new anime lineup coming out begs to differ. The AoT dub and recently announced KARNEVAL dub both utilize VAs from LA, from other dubbing studios. AoT has both in-house and LA voices i.e David Matranga, Lauren Landa, and Bryce Papenbrook (who might I add is the current voice of Naegi). The original dub of DR was, admittedly a strange project, having several VAs dub different segments of characters (Fukawa, Enoshima), having a single VA with two roles (Dorothy Elias-Fahn with Maizono and Fujisaki), and with non-union VAs that most anime-fans haven't heard of (Marieve Herington as Celestia Ludenberg, Jason Wishnov as Togami).

    All of that aside, the one thing that Funimation will notice the most is GAME SALES. DR sold a bunch of copies, and has become pretty popular since its release in February. A majority of the fandom approves of the VAs (especially in the case of Marieve Herington and Grant George), and the dub does an excellent job of tackling voices that FUNi would have a hard time imitating with its own in-house talent (Junko Enoshima, Genocider Syo). Also note that since Funimation endorsed the game when it came out, and continues to house advertisements on the DR page, there's a good chance they liked what they heard. With Bryce Papenbrook already cast as Eren Jaeger, FUNimation will most definitely keep him for as long as they can. I honestly think they would be stupid if they got anyone else to play Naegi.

    That being said, I believe that FUNimation will try their best to retain the best of the game's dub, and though they'll doubtlessly make a few changes (possibly with a new voice for Sayaka, a little more emotion with our stoic characters, last names, Genocide Jack back into Genocider Syo, and a touched-up accent for Celestia, among other things), I think they're going to keep most of the voice talent from Bang! Zoom. However, it's only a guess, as FUNi's done weirder stuff in the past. We'll just have to wait and see. And on that note, does anyone have an idea as to when it'll be released? I had thought this summer, but I'm really not sure.

  • I really enjoy the cast from the game.I hope they get to keep the same cast of the game in the Anime version.They have Bryce,Cassandra Morris and some other Cali people doing work with Funi. so I'm sure they would have a good chance of playing the same roles in the Anime Version of Dangaronpa.Just have to wait..

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