Terra Formars dub has an All-Star cast!

  • I was just checking out the dub cast VIZ released a few days ago, and there is a lot of really good talent on this one. It'll be cool to check out.

    The English dub cast stars:

    Christopher Niosi as Akari Hizamaru
    Erica Lindbeck as Michelle K. Davis
    Cherami Leigh as Kanako Sanjo
    Cristina Vee as Eva Frost
    Robbie Daymond as Marcos Eringrad Garcia
    Steve Cannon as Alex Kandori Stewart
    Todd Haberkorn as Joseph Gustav Newton
    Peter Lurie as Narrator
    Chris Smith as Shokichi Komachi
    Keith Silverstein as Shichisei Hiruma
    Kyle Hebert as Ko Honda
    Doug Erholtz as Adolf Reinhard
    Patrick Seitz as Sylvester Asimov
    Max Mittelman as Keiji Onizuka
    Cherami Leigh as Yuriko Minamoto
    Chris Smith as Ivan Perepelkina
    Chris Smith as Jet
    Erica Lindbeck as Sheila Levitt
    Erin Fitzgerald as Elena Perepelkina
    Erin Fitzgerald as Yaeko Yanasegawa
    Kyle Hebert as Liu Yiwu
    Neil Kaplan as Kaiki Kouno
    Peter Lurie as Jason Carlos Bourne
    Todd Haberkorn as Emcee
    Ben Diskin as Antonio
    Ben Diskin as Fritz
    Bryce Papenbrook as Enrique
    Bryce Papenbrook as Hans
    Cindy Robinson as Isabella R. Leon
    Erica Mendez as Sandra Hoffman
    Erin Fitzgerald as Sakurato Harukaze
    Kate Higgins as Gina S. Asimov
    Kate Higgins as Rosa Zypries
    Kirk Thornton as Uaku Ericson
    Max Mittelman as Johann
    Bryce Papenbrook as Alexander Asimov
    Stephanie Sheh as Nina Yuzik
    Kirk Thornton as Rokka Hiruma
    Max Mittelman as Jared Anderson
    Stephanie Sheh as Erica Nakanojo
    Stephanie Sheh as Joyce
    Cherami Leigh as Nanao Akita
    Todd Haberkorn as President Gerald Goodman
    Stephanie Sheh as Rachel

    alt text

  • some decent names attached, but with so many folks playing more than one role, looks like a budget dub. Expectations are kinda low here

  • Yeah that's an interesting point. Hopefully they can make it good with what they're given. I think the show is pretty cool!

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