does a funimation now membership make a big difference?

  • I have a Funimation Now account. i have been learning a little about these subscription based websites. overall the actual people making the content gets fractions of a penny. I am wondering if having an accont is "okay" compared to actually purchasing the bluray versions. I don't have much money right now, but i do want to contribute to the culture I am a part of. I want future generations can experience it aswell.

  • Whenever you can support the companies that make or license anime, it helps. If you can only buy a couple series a year, it helps. If you can buy the subscription, that helps too. Even just watching on legal sites can help, at least it's more than watching in illegal sites. No one is expecting you to go beyond your means to support anime. It is better to stick to legal ways to watch and buy.

  • Buying DVD media will support the particular studios involved, like voting for a candidate. Whereas a subscription is like buying a stock index fund, you are paying for all of them.

    Up to you, really, strategywise.

  • Yeah as long as you buy the products from official sites and watch shows legally those are best things to do to support them

  • Although I'm sure Funimation makes a significant amount of money from their streaming subscriptions alone, I sometimes wonder if the affordability aspect is supported by the strategy of the website acting as a giant advertisement in addition.

    For example, there are many anime I never would have seen or been exposed to were it for this site. That exposure will occasionally manifest into a purchase, so basically a sale they wouldn't have made otherwise. It's mostly thanks to Funimation that I got into anime as heavily as I am now too. When I first found out about the site I was like "Really? I can watch ALL this stuff? For pocket change? No strings attached?" Prior to that, the number of anime I'd seen was probably under 20. Now, it's somewhere around 100.

    There's an incredible value in the streaming service alone, so much so that most of the time physical purchases aren't even necessary. My feeling is that if I really enjoyed a series and think I'd like to watch it multiple times, it's a good gesture to buy the Blu-ray/DVD and support them more significantly. Same goes for Viz, Sentai, etc.

    There's also synergy between all of the different anime/manga companies. Sometimes I'll watch an anime from Funimation for instance, and decide to check out the manga, helping Yen Press/Viz/Seven Seas etc. make a sale too. While that may not impact Funimation directly, it's still putting more money toward the industry as a whole.

    Don't worry too much about the percentage that gets back to the actual creators, let the Western intermediaries handle that. Japan isn't really too interested in the Western market and rarely does our business affect their decisions (like making a second season or responding to fan feedback) but Western companies can listen and respond to an extent, and due to the limit of our economies, they are the ones you should really be concerned about supporting.

    So I guess... if you really like it buy it, but don't lose sleep over it or feel guilty if you can't.

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