A few issues, suggestions and complaints from a new subscriber...

  • I just created a new account yesterday and so far the player has some issues. The entire interface is very clunky and not user friendly. While watching Attack on Titan, every time I skip to the next episode it tells me the stream is unavailable and to sign up for an account when I'm already signed in. I have to refresh the page just to be able to watch the episode. Second issue is I have to switch the audio... every time... to Japanese. Why is there no preferred language option in the account preferences? Or if there is where? I'm unable to find it. Third issue, well more like an annoyance, is every time you skip to a new episode it loads an entirely new page. Surely you are able to create a playlist instead of forcing users to load a page every single episode.

    Some of these are huge workflow problems and should be addressed. At least for paid customers. I understand why you do what you do for free users. When you have advertisements, it's beneficial. But come on, this is entirely too much effort on the user's part. No way am I going to micromanage a video player for a service I'm paying for. It should flow smooth and seamless, but this interface does not at all.

  • IDK about issue 1, may be a short term issue associated with a new account.

    Issue 2 used to have this option on the old player, but not anymore as of present. Whether they fix or not in future IDK; as FUNimation is slowing moving to a dub-only service, language mode a lower priority.

    Issue 3 has always been the case for the site. Videos load their own page. It makes sense, if you think about it. A direct URL for each video; video information, voting, and reviews for each.

    If you don't want to have to manually advance the feed, you can turn on autoplay. Also, add a series to your query, makes it easier as well. That would be the + circle button on the player.

    Lastly, some of the apps have default language. Also in the query, if you start watching in one, it should remember for the next video. Used to be true, anyways.

    In terms of "micromanagement", yes to some I can assume such can be characterized thusly. But this is anime of course, part of "the adventure". After watching so many videos, being "trained", it will work. Just be thankful this is 2017, and you have a legal stream access to something. Could be worse...

    In the end, some minor inconveniences yes... but on the plus side, the FUNimation video encode quality far exceeds main rival Crunchyroll, and others. So, there's that.

    Whether you subscribe or not should be a decision based upon the content, and not the player. Whether the catalog of titles are ones you want to watch, and/or whether you like the current season of Simulcasts. If you let all the "little stuff" get in the way of that decision, you only do a disservice to yourself by missing out on some great anime. Being the oldest running service at present, the FUNILineup is still the best in the industry.

    Basically, all sites have their own universe of problems, so try to at least not get so angry. I could go on how Crunchyroll's servers are intentionally not built to demand capacity, and crash like clockwork during prime night hours. And, some "other things"...

    Yes, things are angry-inducing on the surface, but then, you are here to be viewing anime, of course?

    Indeed, as You Should Be Watching...

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