Subscription Assistance Thread – OLD

  • Please post in this thread if you are having issues with:

    • Subscribing or re-subscribing to EVS
    • Viewing EVS on the website and getting a "please subscribe to watch" kind of message
    • Getting commercials on EVS content on the site
    • Suddenly losing your EVS subscription for no apparent reason

    I will NOT be assisting with the following issues in this thread:

    • Billing/EVS charges - please make a new ticket with the reason code "Subscription Billing"
    • Roku-based subscription issues - please make a new ticket with the reason code "Roku Channel"

    In addition, please consider the following two scenarios:

    Not getting EVS content on the mobile apps - please check and see if you can view EVS content on the site. If you can, please make a ticket with the reason code "Mobile & Tablet Apps". If you cannot view EVS on the site, I can help you through this thread.

    Had a Gift Subscription sudden vanish - Try re-inputting your gift subscription code. If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a ticket about this issue with the reason code "Subscription Billing". I will be unable to assist with these issues beyond this information.

  • I have a code that the system has never accepted. Some google-foo says it's a problem with your NetSuite configuration/interaction.

    First, official communications from Funimation instructs customers to use email if they have issues. After not hearing anything for weeks some searching on the forum showed you guys don't read emails. So I've put in two tickets so far. One was responded to right away more or less saying the code should work. The second ticket on 12/22/2013 was never responded to. The simple fact is I purchased EVS back at thanksgiving and it still won't accept the code.

    I will point out. 1) If affected members on mass were to call their card companies up and file a charge back the consequences would be devastating to Funimation. Each charge back inflicts a $50-100 investigation fee. Too man charge backs triggers changes to your discount rates and even worse could give the card companies cause to put a financial hold on payments (usually in the range of tens of thousands of dollars). You guys are playing with some serious fire to have that many folks PO'd at you. 2) Why aren't any executives apologizing or stepping in? This is an obvious debacle. You've been having issues for well over a month and I'm disheartened to see the posts about the billing department.

  • I'm getting the "Must be an EVS subscriber to watch" trying to watch Maken-ki 14, and I supposedly have a year-long subscription that started in late November. My account page doesn't show my status, and instead offers to let me renew, so it appears like my subscription got lost.

  • It was a gift subscription, so since you mentioned trying to put the code in again, I attempted that, and that worked. Very weird. Guess I'm back up and running.

  • Sorry for the delay on responding to y'all!

    @motytrah - it looks like your ticket made on 12/22 is in the correct queue to be handled by our billing department, but it's still open and in queue, which is why you haven't heard back from it. Unfortunately, as I am neither a public relations official or a member of our billing department, I can't really speak to most of your other issues. I can confirm, however, that making a ticket is still the quickest way to receive service, across all departments. Our billing department just currently has an extended queue.

    @precurejunkie - oh good. We're investigating this as a new issue and trying to figure out what's causing this. Hopefully it will be fixed before it's an issue again, but if you encounter another issue with it, try the same thing again. :)

  • @CJ You're saying my tickets in queue. Are you saying I should keep creating tickets until billing answers me?

  • @motytrah - all that creating multiple tickets is going to do is cause issues for everyone else, including yourself. I am not sure how billing prioritizes their different types of tickets, but I do know that they work oldest to newest pretty strictly, within each type. Making multiple tickets will not get your issue seen any faster, as it will be your first ticket that they come across first, and it's already in queue where it's supposed to be.

  • I paid for a yearly gift subscription which has just disappeared after only one month. I don't know if it is a weird problem on your end or if I was simply given a one-month code instead of a 12-month code, but this is completely unacceptable. I was charged the full amount for one year, and now I can't use the service.

  • @Kalanoch - Please try reinputting your gift subscription code and see if that resolves the issue. If not, please create a new ticket with the reason code "Subscription Billing" and explain the issue. A billing agent will get back to you.

  • Navigating to the page for redeeming a gift subscription gives me the message "You are already a subscriber!" and does not allow me to input any code at all. However, according to your site, I am no longer listed as a subscriber nor allowed to access any elite member videos.

  • @Kalanoch - I believe you should be fixed now and should be able to see subscription content at this time.

  • @CJ I got sick of waiting for the billing department to do… well... something... anything other than sit on the ticket. I disputed the charge and had the money credited back to my account in less than a day. "You should be watching" Ironic eh?

  • So I was just charged a third time for my subscription today. The other two times happened in the morning and the afternoon. I don't know whats going on here, or what scam funimation is running, but this is unacceptable.

  • @smokeyjoey8 - for billing/EVS charges - please make a new ticket with the reason code "Subscription Billing". I am unable to assist with these issues, but someone from our billing staff will be happy to assist you.

  • Hey there. I am a new member to the Funimation community, and I wanted to give the free trial a go before becoming a member to the site. However, upon entering in my CC information and getting confirmation, I am unable to view elite-status videos and I can't stream any videos in HD. Can anyone here help me? Or is there a FAQ about this issue already? Sorry if I missed it, I tried browsing the FAQs and forums earlier but didn't see my issue specifically.

  • @mzzyman - Hmm… you're definitely not showing as a subscriber to me. You should have received two confirmation letters-- one of them would have been a confirmation for your free membership, and would have contained advertisement for the EVS service. You would have then received a second confirmation e-mail for the EVS service.

    If you have NOT received both e-mails, please log into your account and try to sign up for EVS again. If you HAVE received both e-mails, please let me know, either here, or by submitting a ticket with "Subscription Access" as your reason code. (I'll probably have to send you to billing, but I want to verify that for sure, since they have a longer than average queue at the moment)

  • @mzzyman - oh hey, now you are showing as a subscriber. O_o Okay, I don't know why that would happen like that, but there you go. You should be all set. >_>

  • my mom payed on her credit card 1/22/2014 was wondering if their was a way to have them turn it on. i had to delete my pages on other things since yahoo decided to be funny and add a malware ad manager so i had to clean my system in the process it removed my passwords i remade a new password and well the thing wont start back up again and im a elite video member

  • thing was working fine the other day

  • @shadowkatx - You should have mail. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please reply to that e-mail. As your issue is with account access, most information about that issue is private information, so I can't really help you very well from the forums.

  • i have been tryiing for days to cancel my subscription but every time i go to accoint it just cycles the buffer wheel no account info and my re sub is tomarrow i dont want to pay i need it cancel today adn dont know how to do it any assistance would be helpful

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