watching on tv

  • whats the best device to buy to watch funimation on tv i uus xbox 360 but it sucks should i get roku or some thing else

  • Amazon Fire TV (stick) is by far best option. Gives you access to Playstation Vue/Sling as well for TV service. And its Amazon....

    Roku is total overrated nonsense, and gl with privacy on such device. But no matter.

  • Roku has a lot more support than Fire TV, Android TV is pretty solid I think. If you are part of the Apple ecosystem Apple is definitely the way to go.

    Honestly it depends on what you already have or what you want. If you have a Prime sub and like to use it, definitely go with the Fire TV. If you are an Apple fan, get the Apple TV. If you want to be able to play games and blu-ray too you can get a PS4. If you're interested in something interesting like game streaming you could get the Nvidia Shield. If you like to use your phone for everything, get the Chromecast.

  • @darthrutsula40 ROKU is the best by far!!

  • If you do get a Roku, make sure you get the latest model. The Funimation app does not work at all on a Roku 1, and it seems to have major problems with Roku 2. Roku 3 and up seem to work fine, however.

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