What is everyone still watching?

  • I remember a thread a while ago about what people were watching this season so now that were a little more than halfway through the dub season I thought I would continue it.
    My list in order of favorite to least favorite. Unlisted means I did not care for it.

    Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor
    Clockwork Planet
    Love Tyrant
    WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?
    Alice & Zoroku
    Sakura Quest

    Shows I have stopped watching would be KADO: The Right Answer and Tsukigakirei. Kado caught my interest at first but then I got really bored when they were in that cube thing and stopped caring. Tsukigakirei I found most of the characters to be unlikable

    I also stopped my hero academia but that is just because I am sick of those damn cliffhangers every episode. So in the meantime it joins Seven Mortal Sins/Brave Witches which I'm also waiting to watch.

  • I've been watching My Hero Academia, The Royal Tutor, Tsukigakirei, and Attack on Titan.

    My Hero Academia is soooo good! Favorite sequel of the spring season. Enjoyed the Sports Festival Arc. Can't wait when we meet Stain!

    The Royal Tutor was a surprise for me! Enjoyed the comedy! Reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club.

    I'm also watching shows from my backlog. :D

  • @ariocto14 Your right My Hero has been really good. I was actually surprised since I didn't really care for the 1st season that much but I find this season to be very enjoyable. However with shows like this I love to binge watch at the end so those cliff hangers don't kill me all week.

  • I have been jumping around a lot, checking out a bunch of Sentai shows which I've never dug into before thanks to their new site sparking my interest, some rewatching, and also unfortunately a fair amount of bad/meh shows, which I seem to be having bad luck with.

    As far as Funimation, I'm still keeping up with Love Tyrant and WE: WDYDATEOTW? AYB? WYSU? Love Tyrant is turning out better than I expected, but not exactly top tier either. The last few weeks have been an improvement story and character wise, and it's grown on me. World End I think is being handled well, and is pretty visually, but honestly, I'm not sure I actually have any idea what's going on in that show. I keep tuning in regardless though. I like Amber Lee Connors and she's in both shows, so that's something.

    I also watched AOT like everyone else, but am waiting for the dub to be finished before rewatching in English. The YouTube clips sometimes tempt me but I'm holding out. Marathon AOT is best AOT.

    Also I appreciate seeing a thread for once that isn't based on a complaint or an argument.

  • I'm watching Seven Mortal Sins thats basically it, tsugumomo seems good but I'm holding out on that one to see if funi actually gets the uncensored version.

  • @lcdude I am looking forward to tsugumomo uncensored as well. Even though I am keeping up with the simuldub I think its worth a rewatch.

  • well, pretty much every 1 cour show that I was watching (31) has ended. so that pretty much just leaves the multi cour shows. so that's My Hero, Re:Creators, Puri Puri Chii-chan, Sagrada Reset, Sakura Quest, Aikatsu Stars, Nobunaga no Shinobi 2, and Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

    I was following the simuldubs for Kado, World End, Akashic Records, Love Tyrant, and Tsuki ga Kirei, but I've fallen behind. which is fine since they are among the simulcasts i've completed for summer

  • @MRy27 said in What is everyone still watching?:

    @lcdude I am looking forward to tsugumomo uncensored as well. Even though I am keeping up with the simuldub I think its worth a rewatch.

    Yeah I watched the first two episodes and I really liked it. And I've seen previews of the BDs that the creators showed on their social media it looked really good.

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