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  • What's the point of having an international service if you're just going to stop people in different parts of the world from watching specific series? Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Shimoneta, Tokyo Ghoul are all locked out to paying customers in the UK. What gives? This, on top of the mobile app which logs me out mid episode and randomly jumps back about five seconds a few times per episode frustrates me when I simply just want to watch dubbed anime unimpeded. On top of all this, I struggled to get this uploaded as the submit button decided to not work.

  • There was a forum user from Australia some time back who reported accessibility issues. I posited that perhaps FUN staff should have been given better seats at the Australian Open. Similarly, if FUN staff was not given good seats at Wimbledon and Tim Henman failed to give them an autograph, good luck.


  • Australia has access problems because its government considers most anime illegal child pornography, so...

    In case of others, FUNimation is an "America First" company in terms of business model. Either due to cost reasons or otherwise, it does not generally seek out full (western) world licenses as much as Crunchyroll does.

    In the end, you should be blaming Japanese for tightly regulating their anime IP (as they do with most things). If you're of the Western world are not USA (maybe Canada), u don't matter, in other words.

    A sad tale, but one that stands, nonetheless. Perhaps, u can hope the EPA (EU/Japan Free Trade Agreement) being worked out now will help this, but time shall tell..

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