New Funimation credits format since May 2017 very similar to Sentai Filmworks

  • I noticed that since May 2017 for un-cut home video release versions of anime, Funimation has copied Sentai filmworks's practice and credit format with keeping the original Japanese credit rolls during the opening and closing animation, and then after the episode, having a generic English credit sequence against a black backdrop. Why did they switch to that format for? It is yet another way of cutting costs and saving money?

    I feel Funimation is starting to become just like Sentai Filmworks, adopting many of their practices, and ditching some old practices unique to Funimation (except that Funimation has increased the number of dub licenses, and dubs anime upon being licenses).

  • @Spaceshotx7 so you bought every single home video release in May? or have you watched them streaming on the site?

  • @Series5Ranger I watched the Un-Cut versions of the episodes that would be released in June 2017 and beyond on the Funimation website, and I notice this. It seems to be a new practice of Funimation, and the way its being done is exactly the way and style Sentai Filmworks uses. Generic production credits against a black background after the episodes, with the original Japanese credits and text kept during the opening/closing animation.

    I don't even know why the change, and why copy Sentai filmworks in how its done exactly?

  • This statement is not true, at least not entirely. Shows such as Gangsta, Dimension W, Endride, Gosick, Hyouka, Pandora in the Crimson Shell, Assassination Classroom s2, and Netoge all received English credits.

    So while it seems that more shows are getting the black credit scroll treatment, not all of them are, as you stated before.

  • @SpacemanHardy Then why are some of the shows getting that black credit roll treatment? I don't see why a show would?

  • Spaceshot explains,

    I feel Funimation is starting to become just like Sentai Filmworks...

    We can only hope. K-On!, Nyan Koi!, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, nuff’ said. I’ll be locking this thread now:

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  • No, the problem is @Spaceshotx7 is confusing FUNimation license tiles with titles that FUNimation simply publishes for others. Ever since its evil world domination deal with Crunchyroll and others, it has been selling DVDs for the licenses of other companies. The license holder is in charge of the ADR, not FUNimation. If a dub is made, it is as if Sentai contracted some random dub studio to do their work. The dub studio doesn't do the titles, of course.

    In these cases, the original format is maintained, credits at the end. These titles are not FUNimation licenses, they are being contracted or otherwise sublicensed to manufacture/sale DVDs for them. And at times, adding a dub track to the title. Other issues are under control of thr originator; for instance, to do English credits would require access to end scenes without the Japanese, and work would have to be done to add titles in. Costs. And the Japanese Overlord restrictions, of course.

    For titles FUNimation primary licenses, they seem to be maintaining the traditional standard. For CR licenses that they are distributing, CR/(license holder that gave it to CR) still maintains control to some aspect.

    In other words, don't be quick to blame FUNimation, this time...

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