• im thinking about get one to watch funimation does it work for all the roku devices

  • It currently doesn't work at all for the Roku 1 and is apparently having issues with Roku 2, but from what I've seen it works perfectly on the Roku 3 and the Roku Stick. So if you do decide to get one, get one of those two.

  • To clarify, I have the older 2013 model Roku 2 (equivalent features to the newer model Roku 1) and it doesn't currently work. I haven't yet heard anything from support regarding the situation.
    I would guess the newest models (Express, Stick, Premiere, etc.) would be okay.

  • The app is apparently compatible with about half of the Roku models, but the developers are working on supporting more. Go with a newer model.

    We've found on the Roku 1 that the old app is actually trying to launch and then failing. It's like the new one just plain did not update on top of the old one.

  • That's a step towards progress. I got a follow-up this past morning.

  • @Sophie Just got the Roku Premier+ and it works great.

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