Blue Reflection PS4, September 26, 2017.

  • This strikes me as something that would play like a visual novel, and, not just featured on STEAM which is nice. I definitely appreciate the “high school life” and “human connection” aspects, could do without what appears to be a “quest” added in for good measure. Why do they do that? (facepalm) They can’t just focus on forging new friendships during school? That, is what i am really after. I know they have some like that i.e. Tokyo School Life/ Japanese School Life, however, they are exclusive to STEAM. Hopefully, there won’t be ridiculous button combos you have to pull off to accomplish The Common. I can’t stand that, probably why my Street Fighter V is still factory-sealed. (laughs) Based on the initial cover art, the heroine appears as if she is in a Sailor Moon-esque outfit? All in all, this still looks intriguing enough for me to justify purchasing, hopefully, the release date will stay in September and more VNs will be localized (with English Subtitles) for PS4.


  • Well, just recently went to my local GameStop and put a pre-order deposit down for this title. Hopefully, if they see enough pre-orders, they will not delay this game. Then again, in the event that it is delayed, i did not put the full amount down.


  • Just wanted to say thanks for letting me know this game was given a release date. This caught my eye when I had Persona 5 on my Google Alerts (yes, I'm that big of a fan of that series) and I sadly forgot about this since it was removed. I just put in my preorder for the title on Amazon. So, thanks again :)

  • Hello Tibs,

    Welcome to the FUNimation Forums. Glad i could be of assistance. Some people that i know said that Persona 5 would be a good fit for me, however, when i looked into it, not sure if i was feeling it. Anyway, it is good to see that you are enjoying it. Did you happen to buy a strategy guide for it?


  • @P.J. Thanks for the welcome.

    No I don't tend to buy strategy guides, I like to figure things out on my own. No walkthroughs, no LPs, no guides, just a fresh experience from start to finish.
    As for whether or not you'd enjoy Persona, let me ask you 3 questions:

    1. Do you like the Pokemon games?
    2. Are you interested in mythology?
    3. Do you enjoy character development, good writing, and dating sims.

    That's Persona in a nutshell. If you said yes to one or more of those then I'd encourage you to check it out. Their's a reason why JRPG fans argue whether or not Persona or Final Fantasy is the king of the genre.

  • I heard this game is like Final Fantasy X and Persona which definitely got my attention and I might pick it up when it comes out.

  • Tibbs explains,

    "I like to figure things out on my own"

    I can definitely appreciate that. As for the list, i would say 1, 3. Not too keen on Mythology - - how much would you say is in Persona?


  • @P.J. Well I'd say the mythology aspect comes in with the battle system. The creatures (in this case Shadows) you fight will be based on mythology and religion, and the same goes for your summons (in this case Personas). For example:
    In Pokemon = Charmander VS Pikachu
    In Persona = Izanagi VS Thor

  • Interesting...

  • "Features over a dozen characters, plus the combination of school uniforms and magical costumes."

    I'm in! adds to Amazon cart

  • Hi Sophie,

    Don't you mean, "adds to GameStop cart"? Did you happen to see my thread here?

    Anyway, do you like to game, or, is it just more occupational hazard?


  • @P.J. You know Gamestop is just as bad and hurts the gaming community right?

  • To be honest every store has it's upsides and downsides, with skeletons in the closet. For example just about everything you listed for Amazon in that article, Gamestop also does. Just look at THIS, which is only one of the most recent kerfuffles over the years relating to that company.

    The only way you can really avoid this kind of thing is buying straight from the publishers. That way the publisher get's more of your money and thus you'll be supporting the devs more (especially if its an indie studio). The downside is that you'll be paying full price. I'd wager this is also the best option for anime/manga too, but I don't know much about that industry yet.

  • Kerfuffle. From Encarta: U.K. a noisy disturbance or commotion
    "But [the group] didn't want to litigate, and it didn't want to walk away either. Instead it put out a press release and posted the details of the kerfuffle on the Web." Brendan Miniter Wall Street Journal

    Haven't heard that word in a while... (smiles) Good choice.


  • Well, just picked this up at GameStop today, however, it was another title and another occurrence that caused me to re-connect my PS4. The thought of Hyperdimension Neptunia VII intrigued me, so, i have been "muddling through" that, if you will. From the more "casual" gaming that i do, this game is most definitely a chore. The way i see it, i'm leveling up Neptune, her sister, and Uzume - - reminding me of the pokemon dynamic which can wear you down (so to speak). I think to myself, if @darthrutsula40 was observing me playing this game, he would be laughing his head off with all the novice mistakes i'm making, lol. Seriously though, while playing this, i wish darth was there to explain the best techniques.


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