Getting Hulu Player in Canada

  • This is the official thread for this issue and will be updated as we have any new information to report on this issue.

    We are aware that some users in Canada are occasionally getting the Hulu player instead of our in-site free player, which is causing issues with viewing non-subscription content for these users.

    Issue Status (updated 8/27)

    Affects: A certain specific type of free content. All Canadian users who should be seeing the free player see Hulu instead. Once in a long while, the content will load correctly, but this is a fluke.
    Status: We now know more about the underlying cause of this issue and can consistently predict what content will have the issue. Our developers are looking into a resolution, currently.
    Troubleshooting: None. Although the issue occasionally will not occur for the affected videos, there is no way to force the issue to not occur for those videos.

  • We have resolved this issue! Thanks for your patience!

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