Series mashup?

  • What would you think, if creators from the following anime: Keijo, Masamune’s Revenge, Shomin Sample, and D-Frag could work collaboratively to bring you an anime series with an interwoven storyline that could feature main protagonists and supporting characters’ (from those series) interactions with one another? Perhaps the premise could be along the lines of a Kyokushin-style tournament wherein the top athletes have been selected to represent their schools. I would find this type of scenario deliciously interesting, and, think it has the potential for all kinds of development. Imagine, for a moment, the competitive nature of some of these heroines? For example, when Karin from Shomin Sample meets Nozomi Kaminashi from Keijo? Both of whom always strive to be the best and not lose? Or, when Roka from D-Frag (with her dark aura) meets the ruthless Aki Adagaki? I don’t know, maybe this is farfetched, but, just to see all these characters in one special series and the reaction of when they first meet each other would be worth a watch in my opinion.


  • I've watched D-Frag and Keijo all the way through and Shomin Sample like half-way and all I have to say is: No.

    Keijo: wrestling
    D-frag: game creation (not just only sports)
    Shomin Sample: being rich and spoiled.

    Maybe a piss'ing contest but I'd feel that's overwhelmingly in Keijo's favor.

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