Is there no end?

  • There seriously has to be a way to deal with this spam thing once and for all. Every time i log into the forums i see nothing less than 99 new notifications and all of them are always spam in another language. I'm really tired of always marking all as read of having to go into each spam and block it/ignore it. Its really tiring

  • I know the moderators are working to get rid of it, it was good for a while but has gotten bad again. You can always just pick out what threads you want to read and then go to the read all option, it's what I do and it takes seconds.

  • I have reached out to an Admin with Norton/Symantec to see if they might have a solution for this. I have been apprised that it may take some time for an authoritative answer - - as others will have to be "called in" for consultation.


  • While we were able to very effectively prevent spam on vBulletin, I've been told by our developers that there are no other options available for NodeBB other than the spam plugin with Akismet, and I'm really not sure that reporting the posts even does anything because all of Akismet's documentation is for WordPress. The spam plugin with Akismet is all that can be done per our contact at NodeBB, and they just say to flag stuff.

    Please feel free to also report the issue via the form at the bottom of

  • @Sophie can't you just set up a filter to block all posts that aren't in English?

  • @nickdo That might potentially block posts made in other languages as well, not just Chinese. What if a forum-goer's main language is Spanish, for example?

  • I don't get any notifications, generally. They key is, to mute everything. Yes, does sorta self defeat some convenience functions, but it works. And u can always (does automatically) turn a particular thread back on at will.

    Just to to each subforum, select ignore. Then, silence will reign supreme, once again...

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