Genre Corrections

  • I've noticed that some anime have incorrect or misleading genre tags. For example, "Sword of the Stranger" is listed as "action/adventure" and "fantasy," despite being a historical drama with no fantasy elements. Meanwhile, anime like "Le Chevalier d'Eon" are listed as "action/adventure" and "drama" even though it's clearly fantasy. A means of flagging incorrect genre or other information might be beneficial, but getting an anime's genre correct from the get-go is probably the best way for the tag system to work. I've looked around in the forums, but found no previous threads about this kind of issue.

    Could something be worked out so that the genre system works better?

  • A Show's genres are determined by the Marketing Department. You can reach out to them via the Funimation Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  • I had a feeling it was something like that. "Stranger" being tagged as fantasy is bizarre, though. I will contact them that way.

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