Subscription Help - paid with PayPal & gift card

  • So I recently went to resub on here and I noticed under the sub page that it said enter gift card - which is how I pay for other sites like netflix - so instead of using my CC i bought a gift card then applied it, then before I could resub it asked for my paypal account to which I figured it would bill me once the balance is gone.

    Once I entered my paypal it billed me to paypal so now I have a useless gift card on my file - is there any way to use this gift card for the sub?

    Thanks in advance

  • @keanureeves21 It should automatically take from the gift card before charging your main payment method, but I'm not sure if that's true for PayPal. Please contact Customer Support by submitting the form at the bottom of

  • How long does support take to get back to you, because I have several issues I need to sort out with them and its been about a day now...

  • @keanureeves21 One to four days, I believe. However, I have pinged a member of Sales to find out the status of your ticket and where it is in the queue.


    I have confirmed that the behavior is not intended. A gift card balance is supposed to be charged before your payment method, including when the payment method is PayPal.

    Sales has reported that your ticket, submitted at 8 p.m. on 6/19, is in the queue to be responded to.

    However, since you have a few tickets in, could you please confirm that what you would like is a monthly subscription on a gift card? If so, would you like your subscription payment method to be on PayPal or on a credit card in the event that the gift card balance runs out?

  • Okay thank you, I had submitted 2 different things - one yesterday and one today so hopefully they see both under my name.

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