Web Video player suggestion

  • Hello, the auto play right now for the web player is an awesome option but could use some improvement ,after your show is over it will exit full screen and start the next show in small screen. if your like me as of right now you have to plug your pc or laptop into your TV and watch Funimation that way because of the Roku app being down for six months at a time, i know it might sound lazy but when it goes to the next show id like it to stay in full screen and not have to get up and go to the PC to hit full screen lol

  • I'd like that feature too. I watch shows through my browser and since there is no keyboard command for full screen you have to manually click per episode.

  • We can look into having the player remain in full screen when marathoning.

    Keyboard command for full screen is alt+enter.

    Key Command
    space bar play/pause
    up arrow volume up one increment
    down arrow volume down one increment
    m mute/unmute volume
    shift + right arrow skip ahead 10 seconds
    shift + left arrow skip back 10 seconds
    ctrl + right arrow next video (if available)
    ctrl + left arrow one time (beginning of video) second time (previous video in videolist sequence)
    alt + enter full screen
    esc exit full screen

  • I agree with this post. I think that the video player needs to stay full screen.

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