Dance With Devils Finally On Home Video September 26.

  • After two years of waiting, Dance With Devils is finally coming to DVD/BLU-RAY on September 26th.

    Is the Un-Cut/DVD version going to be exactly the same as the Simudub version with no English credits, no additional director's cut footage, nudity censored and no dubbed songs?

    Or will the UN-CUT version feature anything that is not in the Simudub version?

    I also wonder why there would be a two year delay from the time Funimation licensed the series to the time it gets released on Home Video? This rarely happens with any license.

    Anyone looking forward to the release?

  • To answer your questions in the order you asked them.

    1. I don't know.

    2. I don't know.

    3. Wonk t'nod I.

    4. Never seen the show myself but I know friends who enjoyed it for what it was, especially some stuff involving a "Pomeranian Choir."

  • If you must know, Spaceshot, I asked Kyle if the songs would be dubbed for the home release, and his response was "Let me get back to you on that."

    So we probably won't know until closer to the release date. I estimate about 6 weeks beforehand when the first two uncut episodes are uploaded.

  • yes, he also asked Kyle a question on twitter

  • I don't want Funimation to just be cheap, such that what would be released on the DVD/Blu-Ray themselves would be nothing more than the bare-bones simudub material. There needs to be English Credits, with the Funimation staff/ Voice Actors being credited, as well as the video not being censored, and sometimes some extra footage not seen in the broadcast version. My concerns is home video releases being more stripped down bare bones versions, especially with very little extras.

    As for the songs, given Dance With Devils is presented as a bit of a musical (There seems to be very few anime musicals made. I don't know why?) Some of the plot or dialogue is within the lyrics of the songs. For example, I think in one or two episodes, Some characters introduce themselves via song. If no songs are dubbed, then your looking at the anime being only 80% dubbed (not a full dub). What if it could be a significant reason why Symphogear was never licensed by Funimation because it is sort of a musical, and dubbing the anime would require dubbing the songs, or it would be completely jarring where people would have to read the text to pick up on small parts of the plot.

    Its like the Disney Animated Musical films from the 90's where if dubbed in another country, if the songs are not adapted into the language of that country, people having to read the subtitles in order to get small portions of the plots, as well as jokes and puns in the film. Click on this link, and it gives descriptions to know what I mean.

    The biggest annoyance is in the German dub of Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, only the spoken dialogue was dubbed in German, while the singing was left untouched. This was a huge problem since the movie was mostly sung-through with 80-90% of the dialogue sung instead of spoken. Because of that, why did they even bother dubbing the film in the first place?

    Just giving you examples regarding film or animated musicals. When it comes to musicals, by not dubbing any songs, it creates inconsistency. Then what would be the point of dubbing musical films and animated series then?

  • So far, your fears are completely unfounded. Shows are still being released on disk with any updated or corrected footage if any exists and there translated japanese credits and english credits on the disks. Just relax

  • Getchman's right, you really need to chill out, Spaceshot. I think that tin foil hat you're wearing is starting to affect your brain. :|

  • How is the Tin Foil Hat i'm wearing starting to affect my brain? And did you get my argument or opinion about my previous post why I believe it was important that the songs in Dance With Devils be dubbed? Because it would otherwise require you to read subtitles to get some of the plot, and the anime would not be a full dub.

    I can understand when It was a simulcast title because you couldn't get the materials in time, but for home videos, given the two year gap, I don't know why? I don't see other why a Japanese production company would delay the release of an anime title longer than most anime releases in the USA? I don't even know what kind of red tape Funimation ran into this time?

  • Look Dance with Devils is gonna come out in late September, so I'd say wait for the First 2 Revised Episodes to Come out on Funi what I'd guess would probably be either last week of July or the First Week of August, and you should have your answer of whether they fully dubbed those songs or not.

  • @classyspartan I guess no one will answer or give a heads up. That they want me to find out for myself.

  • @Spaceshotx7 said in Dance With Devils Finally On Home Video September 26.:

    @classyspartan I guess no one will answer or give a heads up. That they want me to find out for myself.

    Either no one knows or those that do know are unable to talk about it. You will just have to wait and see.


    There. They are dubbing the songs.


  • awesome. the show is terrible but some of the songs are hilarious, and was hoping to hear a couple of them in English

  • @SpacemanHardy Thank goodness the songs were dubbed. I'll see how it turns out in 3 months. I hope Fuuka as well as the winter 2017 anime have their insert songs dubbed for Home video. I'll have to wait till 2018 to see what.

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