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  • hello, Xbox360 and roku queue bugs still hasn't been fixed for both consoles will this update to the roku box fix the problem of not being able to add shows to the queue. the list it's self only shows 50 of the shows i actually have on the list like over 100 shows, both problems are on both consoles and i have reported both on several occasions can someone remind developers a fully functional app would be nice.

  • @michael15

    Thank you very much for the feedback. However, please do not report bugs outside of the official app status threads. This is to ensure that I capture any and all user feedback.

    Please post any feedback, bugs, or questions to the official status threads for each device:

    Xbox 360:

    Yes, the Queue issue was fixed on Roku when the new channel launched earlier this week. You will now be able to add new Shows to your Queue and view your entire Queue. Please run a system update on your Roku to update the FunimationNow Roku channel to the latest version, 2.0 Build 1036, if your Roku does not have it.

    Below, are pictures of the new Roku channel. I have 130 Shows in my Queue specifically to ensure that the issue you reported no longer happens. After taking these pictures, I was able to add another Show to my Queue from the Roku channel, making that 131 Shows.

    Newly added Shows appear at the bottom of the list. You can adjust the order of the Shows in your Queue via the website, and that order will be reflected in the Queue in the Roku channel. We are exploring having newly added Shows appear at the top of Queue, though.

    Roku channel Home screen with the beginning of the Queue carousel in focus:

    Roku channel Home screen with the end of the Queue carousel in focus. The carousel is cut off at 20 items to reduce load time on the Home screen. You can select the View More tile to view the entire list:

    Roku Channel Queue screen. You land here when you select the View More tile at the end of the My Queue carousel and when you select "My Queue" from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen:


    Unfortunately, the issue cannot be fixed on Xbox 360 because updates can no longer be submitted to Microsoft.

    On Xbox 360, only 48 Shows appear in my Queue. Because newly added Shows appear at the bottom, they will not appear in your Queue on the Xbox 360 app when you add them via any app. However, you can adjust the display order of the Shows in your Queue via the website.

  • thats awesome you guys fixed it . but i wont see it till you guys fix the roku 1 box i still cant get past the logo screen just shuts down my box

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