problems with funimation now app for ps3 and web.

  • problems ive seen as well as several people i know, is that theres a constant lag on the ps3 app as well as the xbox 360 debuffs alot and when looking through the main page as well as looking through the different shows it lags alot. also when i try to watch a show the show will sometimes play but the controls on bottom as well as the thing telling you how much times is left on the show, all of it does not show... it still plays the show, but when this happens i cant pause, fast foward, rewind, or even back out. in order for me to do any of that i have to close the entire app by going to the main ps3 home page and then reopen the app. however it makes me rewatch the show from the very beginning and does not save where i left off. sometimes reopening the app will allow me to pause and stuff, still having to start the show over again. sometimes i still have the issue. other than the lag, buffering issue, and control freeze issue, i noticed that before the new funimation now app existed, and it was just funimation, i never once had an issue. as soon as the new app and new site and even the new system itself, ive had nothing but issues. it makes me wonder if funimation is turning into one of those companies where if you want good services you have to pay more and more money. (having to pay $1000 just to have decent service, $500.000 just to have perfect service.) exaggeration of course but it does feel that way. seems like there making it so only rich people can have good service...... again, only based on what it feels like to me and 8 others. im not the only one who thinks this. i wanted to know what others think as well as if funimation plans on doing anything about fixing the issue. honestly ive stated to a couple of people i know that i wouldnt be suprised if because of the new system, funimation is now sending a weaker signal than they used to.of course i say this because i dont know how funimation does there streaming.... do they use a radio tower like thing, if so then i think there tower has been giving off a weaker signal..... or same signal but shorter range. if thats not how they do that then i dont know what to say. but i wish they would fix it soon

  • Thank you very much for your feedback. However, please don't report bugs in the Suggestions Box forum. I have moved this thread to Funimation Help.

    Please submit feedback to the PlayStation feedback threads or to the PlayStation Status thread, so that I can track all user feedback and make sure that everyone is heard:



    Unless, it's a feed or server issue causing the lag, there may not be anything we can do for the Xbox 360 app since it's been dropped by Microsoft and no one can submit updates or new apps anymore, but there is still hope for PS3. You can still submit issues via the form at the bottom of, for Xbox 360, though, so that they can be investigated.

    The video player issue you are describing on PS3 has already been reported and will be resolved when the new app launches since the new app will be using a different video player.

    Everything about Funimation Streaming Service changed when we launched the new site - new developers, new apps, new CDN, new processes, new name. This is essentially a brand new service, so issues are still being worked out. The new PS4 app will be out very soon. I should be getting the test build any day now. Once it passes our quality check and we feel like the app is ready to go, it will launch. Also, all the features that are part of the new app came from user suggestions.

    The PS3 will be getting a new app as well. It should be very close to the PS4 experience, but optimized just for it, so that you don't get as much lag, if any.

  • @Sophie thank you and im sorry for putting this in the wrong thread. i skimmed through the options. so i didnt really carefully read which one was the correct one. again thank you for taking the time to read this. i honestly didnt think anyone would take the time due to how long it was

  • @zirath17 No worries. ^_^ I need to reorganize the forum a bit.

    Please continue to provide any feedback about the apps. It's very helpful. ^_^ The features on the new PS4 app come entirely from user feedback.

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