My adventures in documenting "online status" here...

  • In waiting for a response from support (heartily laughs to self) i looked into this issue deeper myself and, i believe, i figured it out, i think... What follows is a series of screenshots that expound on how to adjust your online status:

    0_1497520284718_Online Status Screenshot 1.JPG

    0_1497520349363_Online Status Screenshot 2.JPG

    0_1497520474804_Online Status Screenshot 3.JPG

    0_1497520505702_Online Status Screenshot 4.JPG

    0_1497520542675_Online Status Screenshot 5.JPG


  • That's some great detective work @P-J! Thank you. ^_^ I'll be sure to link to this when I submit the bug.

  • @P.J. How can you access that area on Microsoft Edge?

  • Hi Sophie,

    Ideally, you should just be able to click your profile picture and adjust your online status, not that you have to go to a different region of the site altogether.

    Hi Galaxy,

    Edge would be 10, and, i'm holding off upgrading as long as i can (laughs) :-)


  • Funny, i had looked into this some time back and found this other area of the Website to adjust these settings, then, i guess it "dropped off the radar" and forgot about it (thus why i submitted a ticket), then, i re-looked into it just recently and i think have a handle on it...

  • in chrome i can at least open this with any part of the forums as long as the window is small enough

  • Firefox is the same way. Just tried it to see if I could make that square appear. I am guessing it is the same with all browser. Just need a small enough window for it to show it.

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