Anime Business Model Dying?!?


    What does this mean? Would anime just die out and nothing will be made or would there be fewer titles than usual? I don't know.

  • fewer shows more likely. probably for the best considering we get like 50 new shows a season along with the couple dozen that carry over from previous seasons. its a broken system and some serious changes need to happen

  • @Getchman it's too many products are being mass produced, leading to low wages, longer hours, and less than quality shows. So yeah, it's not extinct yet, but endangered.

  • Im aware, I read the article

  • Articles like that have made me nervous for awhile. It's mostly the crappy working conditions and low wages that bother me. At some point something's gotta break. Not like there's anything we can do about it over here though.

  • I don't see anime dying soon, why would all those suit and tie guys let such a market go to waste? Someone will find a way to make it profitable in some way or another. Let's just hope for better working conditions for all those poor animators.

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  • (Hasn't read the article but they all seem to address the same things)

    Who are we blaming here? The companies? They're do commission these works and put forth the capital required. They are responsible for the wages.

    Or those who are over-worked and under-paid? Nothing will stop you from asking your boss about being paid more. Nothing is stopping you from leaving before your boss. Workers have rights, there are ways to get better conditions without having to resort to violence.

    But, it seems to me that the employers and employees like the arrangement they have. So I don't see a problem.

  • Tsk, tsk, tsk, 'tis would be obvious if Anime News Network were slightly a bit more intelligent and reported as to the content of "that other NHK special"; as indeed, I did contemporaneously last month:

    The reason for the working conditions, is that anime doesn't make money for 25% of the studios ("going bankrupt"). As to the rest, thin operating margins keeps them afloat.

    Bottom line: Stop pirating content, and don't complain when they do charge u $736363737 whatever. Else, the "market will decide", as to how much revenue any particular show gets, and that means more problems. Less it is some overpopular Shonen nonsense, it probably is just fine.

    Money doesn't grow on trees, u know. Comes from (cotton) plants in the ground, instead. Well, sorta, anyways....

    But no matter.

  • @thegrandalliance Well said!

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