Who Will End Up With Seiji? (Love Tyrant)

  • Who's it gonna be?

    A) Akane
    B) Guri
    C) Yuzu
    D) Polyamory
    E) No One/We'll Never Know
    F) Other

  • In the anime I'd be shocked if it's anything other than we won't find out. I'm not reading the manga but I think in general either Guri or harem end seems likely.

  • My bet is Akane, if there is a single partner or if we ever see a conclusion. She is the most passionate and the only one Seiji barely reciprocates. Since Guri is literally the daugher of god she's probably meant for bigger and greater things, but who knows. I'll probably check out the manga when the series ends.

    This show had an insane first episode, began to lose some momentum, but has built it back up over the last few episodes. It's actually surprisingly good. I'm glad I stuck with it.

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