Fire TV Known Issues & Updates

  • This is the official thread for FunimationNow FireTV App support. Please follow this thread for updates to the app and the status of any reported issues. You may also report any issues not listed here and/or ask questions about the app.

  • Feature List

    Reserving space.

  • Known Issues

    Video Player

    1. Playback jumps back 15 seconds and repeats, then continues playback.
      a. Status: Fix is in progress.
    2. Playback does not resume after an ad in the UK and IE.
      a. Status: Fix has been verified in the lower environments and will be deployed to the live app soon.
      a. Status: Fix is being tested in lower environments.
    3. Videos display a territory error or "Unable to Play the Video at this time".
      a. Status: Can no longer be reproduced on upcoming test build. An update should be coming soon.
    4. Unable to play SimulDubs videos from carousel nor from a Show detail screen.
      a. Status: Fix is in progress.


    1. Genre images have the genre named burned into the image and not displayed below each image.
      a. Status: Fix is in progress.
    2. Shows with no active videos are appearing in the Shows list screen.
      a. Status: Fix is being tested.

    Show Detail

    1. Both languages displayed in the audio selector even when a language is not available for the selected version.
      a. Status: Fix is in progress. It's waiting on another issue to be fixed.
    2. Continue Watching button appears even when a Show has no active videos.
      a. Status: Fix is in progress.
    3. Correct progress bar not appearing based on version/language watched when multiple languages/versions have been watched.
      a. Status: New.


    1. User is logged out every 24-hours, but it still appears as if the user is logged in. This causes playback issues because now the app is treating the user as anonymous instead of as a logged-in Premium user.
      a. Fix is ready and just needs to be deployed to the live app.


    1. Restrict Mature Content setting not updating when changed from the website.

  • Tips & Troubleshooting

    Reserving the space.

  • "Video not available in this region" and "Unable to play video at this time" after watching an episode or two from Simuldubs on Fire TV app. Videos play fine if the app is freshly started, but after watching a couple (or even just one) of episodes, the next episode I start will begin playing and about at the point where the picture would normally begin to sharpen the video jump (appear to lag) approximately two more frames then freezes completely, then it kicks me to a bugged looking main menu. The only way to continue playing more videos is to exit from the app and reopen it.


  • It takes forever for a video to play if it does at all. Works fine on PS4 app but I prefer Fire TV layout better. Restarting doesn't work either and it's not a problem with the internet since everything else working normally.

  • @Pooopylolipop Thank you very much for confirming. I wasn't quite sure of that ticket's status in the system. It is marked as "dev passed", which means that it has been fixed in a lower environment, but the last comment was that they were no longer able to reproduce in the latest build that they would be sending us. I wasn't sure if the build had been sent to us since that comment.

    @SSLocke Could you please post at least one video that you have seen this happen on, even if it happens on every video you watch? Please provide the show name, episode number, language, and version. About how long did it take to load the video? Could you time it? The developers will ask us all of this before they can work on it. If possible, could you also please do a speed test on your Fire TV? The issue might be only happening to users with fast connections.

  • @Sophie The show was Dragonar Academy ep 5-8, English uncut. It took about 10 minutes for the videos to start playing and once they do they constantly stop. It works fine until a certain time at night usually after 12:30am. After that the issues start.
    Speed test is between 18.68 - 21.43mbps

  • Ooh, time of day is VERY helpful. Thank you very much. If you haven't already done so, could you please report this issue using the form at the bottom of That will put it on the developer's radar.

  • I have also experienced the same freezing issues as Pooopylolipop. Though for me the only way to get videos to play again is to completely restart the firetv. This happens far more often than my other issue.

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