Roku Channel Known Issues & Updates

  • This is the official thread for FunimationNow Roku Channel support. Please follow this thread for updates to the app and the status of any reported issues. You may also report any issues not listed here and/or ask questions about the new Roku Channel out as of 12:00 p.m. CT 6/12/2017!

  • Feature List:

    Authentication & Subscribing:

    • You can browse the app without logging in to preview the app or after logging in with your Funimation account to gain access to more features and mature-rated anime.
    • You can now subscribe through the channel. This means that you will manage your subscription via Roku Billing. However, you will not be able to purchase the Family & Friends nor the Power Up add-ons.
    • Unless you log out or there is a major server issue, you will remain logged in to your Funimation account when you next launch the channel.
    • Coming Soon: Associate your Funimation account with your Roku by entering a code online instead of entering your email address and password on the Roku channel.


    • Improved navigation! You can now use the FWD and REV Scan buttons to skip through horizontal lists and the directional buttons to move one by one.
    • Menu access from all screens, except for the video player and the main entry screen.
    • Search our ever increasing list of Shows using Roku's mini keyboard search. Shows will appear as you type.
    • Browse a list of all of our Shows, all of our SimulDub Shows, or Shows by genre. You can also sort by Recently Added, A-Z, Z-A, and Most Popular. When you sort by Recently Added, the latest release will be displayed beneath each Show thumbnail.


    • Continue Watching - Resume from where you left off on any Show that you have not yet finished.
    • Queue - Shows appear in the order of the order you set via the website.
    • Recently Added - Displays all SimulDub, Simulcast, and Uncut videos in order of their subscription access start date. You can also view the full list by going to the end of the carousel.
    • Genres - See a sampling of Shows from our most popular genres

    Show Detail:

    • Resume from where you left off by selecting the Continue Watching button. It's at the top and will say something like "Continue: Episode 2".
    • Two ways to browse through all the videos: Either select a season from the chooser dropdown OR just keep scrolling through the list of videos and select the season tile for the next sequential season.
    • Short summary displayed for each video in focus. It shouldn't be truncated.
    • Add to or remove from your Queue
    • Rate the Show.

    Video Player:

    • Select "Next Video" to go to the next video in sequence.
    • Select "Restart Video" to start the video from the beginning.
    • 10-second skip - Push Left or Right on the remote during playback or while paused.
    • Instant Replay - Skip back 20 seconds by pushing Instant Replay on the remote.
    • Fast forward and rewind at 1X, 2X, and 4X speed.
    • Play and pause by pushing Play/Pause or OK.
    • Manually dismiss the UI by pushing Up, Down, or Back. The UI will also disappear automatically after a few seconds. When the UI is not displayed, pushing Back exits the player.
    • Change the language from the player. You will need to exit the player to change the version.
    • Up Next displays during the last 10 seconds of the video and not the last minute.
    • Auto-play marathon (Premium Only). This can be disabled in your FunimationNow channel settings.
    • Displays metadata about the video you are currently watching, including show name, video type, video number, video title, version, and language.
    • Rate the video you are watching. This is done at the video title level, which means you cannot rate just the dub or just the sub.
    • Add to or remove from your Queue from the player.


    • Auto-Play (Marathon) (Premium Only) - The player will automatically play the next video in sequence if it is available in the same language and version as the one you have just finished watching. This will continue for up to 3 hours without any interaction from you.
    • Default Language - set your default audio language to either Japanese or English.
    • Restrict Mature Content - This can only be managed from My Account on the website. However, you can view the setting from the channel.
    • Separate settings for soft subtitles and closed captions. However, for the text to appear at all, closed captions & Subtitling must also be enabled in your Roku settings.
      • We'll probably be merging this setting since it's not really possible for Roku. However, please look forward to it on PS4.

  • Known Issues:

    โš ๏ธ Assessing issue
    ๐Ÿšฉ Open Issue
    โœ”๏ธ Fixed Issue


    1. Character limit on email address field when logging in with the Roku mobile app.
      a. Status: ๐Ÿšฉ Reported
      b. To enter an email address containing more than 15 characters and get around this issue, please use the Roku remote to enter your login credentials instead of the Roku mobile app.
      c. Ref: 13297

    Video Player

    1. No videos load on the Roku channel, but can resume if started from other devices.
      a. Status: โœ”๏ธ Fixed!
      b. This issue occurred as a result of the Production deploy on 7/10/2017.

    2. Colored pixelation appears at the beginning of some videos.
      a. Status: ๐ŸšฉNew. Attempting to reproduce. Gathering information.

    3. User automatically logged out after a period of time.
      a. Status: ๐Ÿšฉ Under investigation. Attempting to reproduce.

    4. Channel crashes after splash screen on Roku 1.
      a. Status: ๐Ÿšฉ Developer discussion has begun thanks to user reports. Continuing to gather information from users.
      b. This has been reported on Roku 2 and on Roku 1. We are unable to reproduce on Roku 2 XD, Roku 3, Roku 4, or Roku TV. We have no troubleshooting at this time. Please report this issue through the Contact Us form at the bottom of

    Upcoming Updates

    1. Merge closed caption and soft subtitle settings because the Roku system closed caption setting must be used.


    1. Increase the font size and make the text white.

  • Tips & Troubleshooting:

    Reserving space.

  • Roku 2 here.

    • Launched new app, waited on loading screen for 1+ minute, then Roku crashed.
    • Checked for Roku system update, removed and re-added app.
    • Same as first line.

  • @Nobu Thanks. I'll see if I can reproduce.

    Just need to call my parents and get them to install the channel on their Roku XD, which should be a 2.

    I have added the issue to our list of known issues. Seems like this process will work. ^_^

    [Update 2]
    My mom was able to install the channel and load it past the splash screen (FunimationNow logo loading screen). I have moved this issue to the Troubleshooting post to see if we can work out why it is happening to some users, but not others.

  • It still has the Multi color pixelated issue at the beginning of some episodes.

    I have seen it on Date A Live Episode 1 and 3

    (Edit 7pm) Castle Town Dandelion Ep. 1, right after the Funimation logo and again 2 mins in for 46 seconds.

  • @valyn76 Dub or sub? Which model Roku do you own?

    We are unable to reproduce on a Roku 3. We watched first couple minutes of Date a Live episode 1 and episode 3 Uncut English.

  • @Sophie

    Dub. I have a Roku 3

  • @valyn76 How far in did the color pixelation appear? Since we have the same model and didn't see anything on the same episodes, maybe it's something else. Could you do a speed test using the Speed Test channel and post the results?

    Would you be able to take a picture and post it the next time it happens?

    Also, just in case, could you please run a system update and make sure you are on the latest version of the channel?

  • @Sophie

    I am trying it on my end again, and I am not seeing it right now either. It was at the very beginning. The companies Logos then it would clear up.

    I will do that now.

    Version 2.0 Build 1036, correct?

  • @valyn76 Yes, that is the latest build.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @valyn76 Thank you! About how often do you see this happen? If you play episode 4 again, does the pixelation happen again at the same point?

  • @Sophie

    So far this is the third time. I haven't watched very much, I chose Date A Live because of the audio. I was hoping it would have been fixed with this patch since this is the only device that has the issue.

  • The subtitle function appears to be broken in both the video player and the settings screen in that it appears to do nothing. I need to press * on my Premiere + and turn the CC option to "Always On" to get them to display. Also a bit confusing since there's a subtitle option and CC option in the channel settings.

    Also keep in my there is a new Roku dev requirement where your channel CC option must adhere to the global Roku settings option, in that changing the option in app is supposed to change the setting system wide and vice versa.

    Other than that and a somewhat long initial load the channel and video player look great.

  • Oh, just read the release notes about soft subs.

    In that case, since there's no way to tell what video has soft subs and which are burned in, I would suggest the video automatically always pull in the sub file and the subtitle option in the video player actually change to the CC Roku option (off, Instant Replay, On).

    This way leads to less confusion since the subtitles since the results are clearly available from when you toggle from the video player, and you aren't asking the user to switch two settings to get subs to display vs just one.

  • The Roku app has stopped working for me entirely. It won't even get past the big purple Funimation|Now screen before it reboots the entire system. -_-

  • @SpacemanHardy It's working just fine for me. Could you please try rebooting your Roku and unplugging and plugging back in your HDMI cable from both the Roku and your TV?

    @Jbaconbits You beat me to mentioning the closed caption stuff. This came up during development. Originally, I had wanted the ability to keep closed captions always set to Off and soft subtitles always set to On, but in order to display soft subtitles on Roku, the closed caption system setting is required to be on like you mentioned. This means that by default, closed captions and soft subtitles will either always be on by default or always be off, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid and will be able to avoid on the PS4 app. I was thinking that I could override the closed caption setting with the soft subtitle setting, so that might actually be a bug.

    However, I think we do need to merge the setting for the Roku channel in its settings and in the player and have it follow the Roku channel setting like you said to keep things simple. We can also display this metadata in the player UI with the other metadata and possibly on Show Detail Video List near the summary, so that the user will know when closed captions and/or soft subtitles are available without having to hunt in the UI or realize that they can push *.

    We are in the process of changing all hardcoded subtitles to soft subtitles.

    @valyn76 Thank you for adding CTD. Unfortunately, I'm still not able to reproduce at home on my Roku 4. However, thanks to your screenshot, I should be able to update the bug we have in for this. I may need to make a new thread just for this issue, if the developers need more data.

  • @Sophie I've already tried all of that. Deleting and re-installing the app, unplugging and plugging the Roku back in, testing the HDMI cable, checking for updates.... none of it works.

    I've tried almost 20 times now. I select the app from the home screen, it takes me to the big purple Funimation|Now screen, sits there for about a minute, and then hard-resets the Roku. Every. Single. Time.

    It. Does. Not. WORK.

    I suppose I should mention that I'm using a Roku 1, but I've already been told by your tech guys in the past that the model should be irrelevant, so....

  • Really like the way the new interface works, but the color choices and very small font size make things really hard to read. Unfortunately, my tv is only a 720P, but I couldn't image trying to read anything smaller. I think if the fonts were actually white instead of looking like a dull purple on the bright purple background it might be better.

    Nice to see the queue actually works.

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