Well I wanted to give this service a chance but I'm a little hesitant...

  • Hi everyone I'm more or less returning after being gone for years now. I thought I'd come back because I was looking for a dubbed anime service and Funimation was pretty much it it seems. I am running the ps3 app and notice some sound stuttering here and there which I never had on other streaming apps. I hope this improves and we get a CS number as well.

  • Hi @alyaka

    Welcome to the forum. The PS3 app stuttering issue will continue to occur for at least the next few months for some users, but we're working on a new app for it, which should not have the issue because it will use a different player. Try changing the video quality setting to High or Medium and see if that helps. The issue appears to happen more when it is set to Auto.

    We do have a customer service number, but it's more for the store and payment assistance. They won't know anything about troubleshooting the apps or the status on them.

    The PlayStation app status thread is here: https://www.funimation.com/forum/topic/13019/playstation-app-known-issues-updates

    Please post to it if you are experiencing issues or have any questions.

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