Is it worth re subscribing yet ?

  • I dropped my subscription shortly after the migration to the new website because there were so many issues with both the forums and video playback that for several months the site was pretty much unusable.

    Has the new website stabilized to the point where I should look into resubscribing yet or is the video playback still unstable ??

  • I just canceled my subscription. The website has issues with fading out the overlay. The Amazon Fire Stick app has issues with complaining about "mature content" and "not available in this region". This results in me needing to force stop the app, clear the cache, and then relaunch the app. Both my PS3 and PS4 are connected to the internet via ethernet and I have Google Fiber. But, when watching a show on either, stutters occur. About the only device that works fine is my phone.

    It's all rather frustrating especially since this feels like a huge downgrade from what they did have...which wasn't the best either.

  • while the site has never been unusable for me, there was a brief period of time shortly after the new update where the video would freeze and take about a min to load before playing again. it happened several times an episode, usually after 7 pm. no longer an issue for me now. I use Firefox. I don't know what the forum problems were, so I have no comment on that, but things currently work well for me

  • I have hardly any problems watching on my browser, the Xbox app, and my Kindle, but if I did I would not lose sleep over $6 a month.

  • Hi Mike,

    I can currently watch through my Roku with no problems, additionally, i can watch through my Win 7 IE 11 PC with virtually no problems - - sometimes there can be a log in issue where you are logged in, yet, cannot post to the forums, to remedy that, i just clear cache and cookies and it becomes re-synchronized. I would say (overall) things have definitely "quieted down" from the initial launch if you would like to give FUN a second chance.


  • The FunamitionNow app{for android} combined with Chromecast has very bad video quality for me, but when I cast from a Chrome tab the quality is fine. So if your not going to use the app I think you should be fine.

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