In Memoriam, R.I.P Discussion Thread

  • To anyone who recently passed away, either actor or voice actor, you may discuss here.

  • Adam West just passed away.

    I'll admit when Michael Keaton's first movie came out, I was one of those who laughingly joked at the idea (which would never happen) of Adam being cast as Thomas Wayne just so we could see him being shot, preferably in slow-motion. But when he was purposely cast as The Gray Ghost, I came back around, remembering watching reruns of his series as a kid and having a good time.

    And he got to spend time having good fun on Family Guy and entertaining people all over again.

  • I know this is not recently but it been like over 13 years years since Eddie Guerrero past for any wrestling fans out there...

    "Eddie Guerrero Tribute - Here Without You (3 Doors Down)"

    Anyone wrestling fans remember Eddie Official? Still so sad to see it. Little after 1 years after his big WWE Heavyweight Champion win he past away. Supposedly he was going to win the World Heavyweight Champion (The WWE Heavyweight Champion and World Heavyweight Champion are 2 DIFFERENT World Titles 1 World Title is on WWE Raw and the other World Title is on WWE SmackDown at the time in 2005) and the next week on SmackDown against World Champion at the time Batista and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match b/c Batista had a real injury and WWE wanted rest him up by take some time off and though there where going to put the title on Eddie for a few months while Batista recover from his injury so he be ready and fully heath for WrestleMania 22. Eddie would have pin Orton win the title so Batista could come back and said he was NEVER pin to lose the World Title. Then that way Eddie was suppose to drop the title it back to Batista Royal Rumble in January and then Eddie was suppose to vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 22 which could have been one of the GREAT MATCHEST EVER! "Mr. Wrestlemania" Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero both high flyer would have Tour the HOUSE DOWN! After Eddie pasting WWE had Batista and by Batista choice keep wrestling and made his injury worst and by early January he was force to surrender the World Champion and also miss WrestleMania 22 with a Torn Bicep for 6 Months.

  • "RIP Adam West aka Original Live Action Batman!"

    RIP Adam West aka Original Live Action Batman my thoughts...


  • @gohan6425 Two days too late

  • @Zethus said in In Memoriam, R.I.P Discussion Thread:

    @gohan6425 Two days too late

    @Zethus Thank for reminding me... :/

  • @gohan6425 well, that was fun. Who's for Chinese?

  • @Zethus said in In Memoriam, R.I.P Discussion Thread:

    @gohan6425 well, that was fun. Who's for Chinese?

    @Zethus I don't eat Chinese...

  • I'll take his share, then.

  • Chester Bennington

  • June Foray, iconic voice actress, has died just two months shy of her 100th birthday.

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