Post your pets Funi Peeps!

  • I feel like there are not nearly enough pupper, kitteh, bunneh, hamsta, piggy, fishy, etc. pics on the Funimation forums so I feel the need to remedy this!

    Lets see what critters are in the Funi Forum Family!

    I've got a pupper named Rhaegar,
    alt text

    More bunnies then I am comfortable admitting (We foster and run a rescue, so to be fair there is a reason), but this one here is my nearly 10 year old boy Babbitty Rabbitty whom is my pride and joy,alt text

    Then I have 2 horses and a miniature horse, this one is my Arabian Ben.alt text

    Any my Chinchilla, Magyk.alt text

    Lets see your critters folks!

  • TIL Emilder has a frickin zoo

  • @Queenira said in Post your pets Funi Peeps!:

    TIL Emilder has a frickin zoo

    You never know what you'll discover on these forums!

    Forgot to mention Hodor the Betta.

    alt text

    Being extremely involved in the rescue community (And I'm talking like, full time job involved) leads to taking care of a lot of animals. I've fostered back to health mice, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs and even fish.

    Have been considering moving a bit in to wildlife rehab too, I think it looks like it could be fun. I've assisted with helping critters like seagulls, robins, sparrows in the past, so yeah, my life is kind of a zoo!

  • This is my cat Lilly. We've had her going on 4 years now.

    alt text

    She has a thing for sitting on pizza boxes, apparently.

    alt text
    alt text

  • Em, anyone who helps animals and does rescue work is a good human in my books. I love animals and I wish I wasn't so bad at math and weak in science that I could have become a vet.

    Anyways I have three pets.

    Our oldest is Luna. She's a nine year old Calico cat. She's known for her grumpy face.
    alt text

    Then there is my loveable diva Shinya Purragi. She loves her boxes
    alt text

    And finally our family doggo Maka. Shes a pitbull and boxer mix. Now she also looks sad but dont worry she lives a nice, cushy life.
    alt text

  • Bree, who is trying to find herself
    alt text

    Sherlock. Who likes to clue for looks
    alt text

    Amelia, who knows that Bow Ties are cool
    alt text

    Isaac and Miria, who need a Baccano! photo shoot

    alt text

  • This isn't my pet, but one of my customers brought his dog by one day.

    alt text

    Take a good look and tell me who he reminds you of.

  • @SpacemanHardy
    ...And did this dog go back home with said client, or sneak home with you?

    Cause I would want my own Makkachin

  • Here's another picture that my customer forwarded to me of him before he got his hair clipped.

    alt text

    His name is Brett and he's a Labradoodle.

  • Brett is adorable. 10/10 doggo.
    alt text

    Check out these little ewoks we formula raised. They were found at a construction site at around 3 weeks old so had weeks of formula feeding, which with buns is notoriously hard but we got all three through. I freaking love them at this age, they're adorable.

  • so cute animals, I wish I had cat :(

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