Funimation for Windows phone

  • Is there a way I can get Funimation on my Windows phone?

  • Yes, sell the Windows Phone on eBay and go buy a different phone.

  • Windows phones are now being made by more and more manufacturers every day so going by that they might be able make one in the future windows phone sales are up

  • As far as I know, Funimation hires outside companies to handle their mobile/console app development. A lot of these companies don't deal in making windows apps because the marketplace is still ridiculously unstable. Piracy and copyright are pretty much laughable on the windows app store because microsoft is so far behind apple that they want as many apps as possible, and they are tending to ignore the riff raff (much like apple when its app store was being built early on).

    I have a windows phone, and I have no intention of ever switching. I hope Funi decides to release a windows app at some point soon. CR has had an app for a while now, and it is available and fully functional on windows phone.

  • I just signed up and have found this out. Unfortunately I travel a lot, so windows phone compatibility is a must. I'm going to have to cancel my membership and stick with crunchy roll.

  • I just tried it and the videos work for me on IE 11 mobile. It's probably because of the site update but if you still can't get them to play join the preview for developers program to get the latest updates for your phone.

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