Im so BAD!

  • Since end of december, i was watching fmab and suddenly i had an audiance on my back watching it aswell half of the sec. 1 class. They started to ask me what is that anime looks so epic, I said, It's Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. They were amazed, They watch it with me and now today, i went to the library, to take novels for a class, i jumped on the mangas and the novels, there was the complete series of the manga, and 7 novel books, and so i toke 15, 13 mangas and 2 novels, and some asked if they can borrow me a book, so i answered yes go ahead. :P

    All i had in my mind was, wow….. So much of advertisment i done there..... .w.

  • Just hope they don't like the manga enough to steal your book

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