PlayStation 3 App Known Issues & Updates

  • This is the official thread for FunimationNow PlayStation 3 App support. Please follow this thread for updates to the app and the status of any reported issues. You may also report any issues not listed here and/or ask questions about the app.

  • Current PlayStation 3 App Known Issues

    โš ๏ธ Assessing issue
    ๐Ÿšฉ Open Issue
    โŒIssue cannot be fixed
    โœ”๏ธ Fixed Issue

    Video Player

    1. Video Playback is choppy on PS3 for some users. (Reported by users)
      a. Status: ๐ŸšฉWait for system video player update.
      b. This issue is caused by the player being used in the app and cannot be fixed until the system player is updated.

    2. Closed captions turn back on and do not follow the user's previous setting. (Reported by users)
      a. Status: โŒCannot be fixed.
      b. Ref: 8685

    3. Closed captions/Soft subtitles are a second or so out of sync. (Reported by users)
      a. Status: ๐Ÿšฉโœ”๏ธFixed as reported.
      b. This is a per video issue and not an app issue. Please report individual videos at

    4. Player does not resume from correct point if user begins watching video from another app and resumes in PlayStation
      a. Status: โœ”๏ธFixed! (mostly)
      b. The original reported issue was fixed. There is a edge case where the player will not resume if the progress from the first endpoint is less than 1 minute.

    5. Free users get wrong simultaneous streams message.
      a. Status: โœ”๏ธFixed!
      b. This is actually a feed issue affecting all apps, so it will be fixed eventually. Free users are seeing the message meant for Premium users that have not purchased the Family & Friends Add-On, so they aren't being prompted to subscribe.

    List Screens

    1. Logging in from Recently Added list screen crashes app
      a. Status: ๐ŸšฉReported
      b. Just what it says. You can log in from any other screen in the app, just not this new one.
      Ref: 10797

    Show Detail Screens

    1. When user changes the language from one with both versions to another with both versions, the version chooser changes instead of remaining as the previously selected version
      a. Status: ๐ŸšฉReported
      b. If the user watches a video in English/Uncut, exits the player, and changes the language to Japanese when both languages are available in Simulcast and Uncut, the version chooser incorrectly flips to Simulcast instead of remaining on Uncut.
      The opposite also happens, however. If the user starts on Japanese/Uncut, and then changes the language to English, the version chooser incorrectly flips to Simulcast.
      c. Ref: 8663

    2. An empty Subscribe banner appears on video thumbnails.
      a. Status: โŒCannot be fixed.
      b. For those of you that are Premium, you may notice a small gray rectangle in the upper left corner of each video thumbnail image as you go through the list of episodes on the Show Detail screen. This is the Subscribe banner. It's not supposed to appear for Premium users.

    3. Messages not marked as priority are displayed.
      a. Status: ๐ŸšฉReported
      b. There is a marketing message that you'll see on some Show Detail screens that isn't supposed to appear. It's not bad that it is as it's usually a marketing tagline. It's just technically not supposed to appear unless it is marked as "priority".
      c. Ref: 7536

    4. User is taken back to search after backing out of a Show Detail in a list of Similar Shows
      a. Status: โŒCannot be fixed.

    5. On Show Detail - Video List, only languages that anonymous and Free users have permission to watch appear in the app; no exclusivity indicator
      a. Status: โŒCannot be fixed.
      b. This basically means that only the languages the user has permission to watch that are available appear in the metadata for a video. What is supposed to happen is that all languages should appear and any that the user cannot watch because it is only available to Premium subscribers should have a little exclusivity indicator icon. For us, this is the face part of the Funimation logo.

  • App Updates
    Recently we added a series of quality of life improvements to the current PlayStation app to tide everyone over until the new app is ready. These improvements were made based on user feedback and my own thoughts on what we could do to make the app easier to use.

    I don't think anyone really noticed them, except for maybe remote support, but they were the kind of updates that weren't meant to be noticed.

    • Added PS3 and PS4 remote support
    • Changed default focus to "Play" on the Version/Language chooser overlay on Show Detail Video List
    • Changed default focus to the Continue Watching button on Show Detail. It used to be on the Season list.
    • Created a Recently Added screen. Now, you can scroll through the entire loooooooong list of every video up on the app in order of most recent SVOD start date.
    • Added shortcuts to Shows, Queue, Recently Watched, and Recently Added screens. Use L2 and R2 to jump through lists by 5 pages
    • Shortened Prefix text, so that the video type and video number are displayed. "Watch Next" became "Next". "Continue Watching" became "Continue".
    • Added shortcuts from video thumbnails. Now, you only need to push triangle to resume. You no longer have to then go to the video detail, select the resume button, and then select the Play button.
    • Removed video results from Search, which decreased the load time there.

  • Tips & Troubleshooting

    1. The app does not respond to any controls other than the PS button after starting a video.
      a. Your only recourse is to delete and reinstall the app. This is caused by some kind of memory leak issue that has put the app in a bad state.

    2. Error 80028f10 - Cannot play this game at current video output settings.
      a. This issue occurs because the app can only support HDMI or component cable (red-green-blue) connections. It does not support composite cable (yellow) connections.

      b. First, make sure your PS3 is on the latest firmware. Then make sure your PS3 is connected to your TV via an HDMI or component cable. After that follow the steps below:

      1. Select the Settings option.
      2. Choose Display Settings.
      3. Select Video Display Output.
      4. Select the type of connection you use.
      5. Choose your TV's resolution.
      6. Close the app.
      7. Restart the PS3.

  • Got the 2.0 update and now it seems all the app is good for is this telling me "you have been disconnected from the network" after failing to load anything but the tab menu.

  • @ComHop The app only just launched. Please try closing the app completely and then launching it again. This should clear any cache from the previous app, including previous logins, which could be a possible cause. If it does not, then please try deleting the app and then reinstalling it. If the home screen is still not loading, could you please post a screenshot of the menu?

    [Update] I was able to reproduce the issue, so no need to send a screenshot now. The developers are working on a fix. Thank you for reporting!!

  • Other than @ComHop's report, please use this thread for PS3 issues from now on.

    The PS4 status thread is here:

  • Update 2.0: Ads, after ending, seem to mess up All controls. CC included.

  • I don't know if it's just me but there is one big problem with this app. For instance, when I'm watching a show and an ad pops up, afterward the show starts right over from the beginning. The show I'm talking about is dragonball super if it makes a difference. Moreover, when it restarts I can't go back or fast forward so I have to quit the app with the ps3 home button. It's very annoying because this happens often.

    I love the picture resolution of the show and also want to support funimtion but this problem is leaning me towards crunchyroll now.

  • @lethomas408 Having the same issue with DBS. Had it happen several times in a row. So, done with that app until the next update.

  • EVERY SINGLE EPISODE does that buffering thing, and every time I restart the episode it restarts from the beginning and locks the controls.
    Since the first day the new app was released, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE I HAVE WATCHED HAS BEEN R U I N E D !
    I love anime, I love your dubbing, but I can't take this any more... When my yearly renewal comes, if you haven't fixed this app, I'm done with Funimation. I WILL NOT pay to have anime ruined for me.
    I'm sorry

  • I'm having an issue where the app doesn't respond to any controls once starting an episode. The only button that responds is the PS button which allows all the buttons work again. Closing and restarting the app sometimes fixes the problem, but it has happened to me at least half of the time I open the app. I haven't had this issue on the PS4 or Roku Premium.

  • @haileywa I've run into this issue too. It appears to be per video. For example, it happens on Yuri on ICE!!! epsiode 1, but not on episode 3. Could you please list some episodes you've seen the issue happen on? Does the issue happen for you on Yuri episode 1? If so, this could be a content issue that only happens to affect PS3.

  • Yuri on Ice ep 1 and 3 both worked first try. Since I've paid attention, One Piece ep 205 and 206 did not work (206 didn't work twice, one of which was after we successfully started 206 once and both Yuri on Ice episodes)

    I started to think that if the the buttons were not going to respond, it would be known during the first episode you turn on for the session. This was not the case when we successfully started three episodes before the fourth locked up.

    Most of the time the buttons don't work on the first episode we start for the session.

  • @haileywa So I think this could be cache issue and could happen on any video. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce it to get it to happen consistently yet, so I'll need to just keep it in mind while testing. However, I did figure out how to clear the issue once it starts happening on a video. You need to delete and reinstall the app.

    @DragonHEF01 @lethomas408 I suspect this is related to the ad issue you reported. Please try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that helps.

  • So I decided today to invest in a subscription, and before I entered anything I downloaded the app to make sure it works... Good thing I did cause I can't make it even open on my ps3.

    Error 80028f10 - Cannot play this game at current video output settings.

    I don't really understand why this is popping up, when I can view Crunchyroll and Netflix without any kind of problem. Any idea what's up and how I fix it?

  • @emdier This issue occurs because the app can only support HDMI or component cable (red-green-blue) connections. It does not support composite cable (yellow) connections.

    First, make sure your PS3 is on the latest firmware. Then make sure your PS3 is connected to your TV via an HDMI or component cable. After that follow the steps below:

    1. Select the Settings option.
    2. Choose Display Settings.
    3. Select Video Display Output.
    4. Select the type of connection you use.
    5. Choose your TV's resolution.
    6. Close the app.
    7. Restart the PS3.

  • @Sophie Deleted/reinstalled, ran a little longer then went to another commercial...and broke. Reverted back to beginning with no controls working, meaning that how the tie in works Needs to be Q/A'd. Now that you're under Sony's umbrella, that shouldn't be as hard...Right?

  • @DragonHEF01 @lethomas408 Does it happen if you fast forward and then play through the ad? We do have an open issue where this is happening. The issue did not happen when I let the video play without fast forwarding when I last tested for this bug.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Launch the PlayStation app while logged out.
    2. Select "Explore" to browse as an anonymous user.
    3. Search for "one piece" and select "One Piece"
    4. Select "Season 1"
    5. Select "Episode 1"
    6. Let the Episode play the pre-roll ad.
    7. Immediately fast forward to just before the first AIP.
    8. Watch the ad again. The episode will start over from the beginning.
    9. Push up on the controller. The fast forward and rewind controls will be missing as if ads were playing.

    Is the above what you are experiencing? If so, then if you don't fast forward, you should be able to get through the videos. Also, because this issue only affects videos with ads, Premium subscribers are mostly not affected. We have a couple shows that still serve ads to subscribers.

    Please let me know if you experience this issue without fast forwarding or possibly when you resume a video and then reach another ad without fast forwarding. I will need to update the steps to reproduce on the bug report.

    Thank you.

    Ref: 8298

  • @Sophie Wonderful, thank you for the response. I will try to fix this and see how it goes! I never would have figured that out on my own, but I am about a tech savvy as a rock so there's that.

  • Deleted and re downloaded the app. Its still very choppy and seems to get worse the longer it plays. Happens with all the shows I've tried (kamisama kiss, my hero academia, fairy tail). I was a little unclear with the top this still an open issue?

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