Fight Predictions: Todoroki vs Bakugo

  • After having time to process the last episode and thinking things can't get any better, I remembered these two powerhouses are destined to square off next. How do you think things will play out?

    No spoilers please for the non-manga readers :)

    My prediction: That stadium will not be standing by the time it's all said and done. I think out-of-bounds lines will become a subject of debate as Bakugo proceeds to blow up the arena floor and Todoroki has to stand on his ice. With Todoroki using both of his sides now he definitely has the advantage in power, but reckless Bakugo isn't completely foolish. I really see Bakugo winning this, elevating Izuku even more who has bested him on previous occasions.

    It's kind of like in sports when the best team loses and the team that beat them ends of losing in the finals to a team the best team already defeated several times.

    In terms of story telling, Izuku always gets shine, Uraraka stole the spotlight from Bakugo in their battle so I really think the next to get over is Bakugo!

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  • You can tell who wins, just read the manga.

  • @R0ckyRZ : I don't wanna'. Hence the thread.

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  • I agree with everything. Bakugo needs his time to shine. I do feel like he's going to have problems with fatigue though since in the obstacle course at the end his arms were shaking and the something happened against Urakaka. Either way I'm still excited for whatever happens this season.

  • @classyspartan - In this case, there's not much difference.

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