Subtitle Changes??

  • Not really sure when it happened, but I noticed a change in subtitles that show up for a show, Fairy Tail.

    I'm at episode 208, but I've been away from the site for a week or two. Go to watch some more, and the subtitles have vastly changed. Much smaller, harder to read. The black outline on the subtitles is very small/poorly pixelated and the subtitles really blend in with a lot of the brighter scenes. I went back to some old episodes, to see if maybe it was just a change in some of the later episodes, but all the subtitles are changed. I went and looked at Soul Eater also, and the subtitles have changed there too. Not really sure what was wrong with the old ones, they were clean and easy to read.

    I might have to start watching in English because the subtitles give me a headache.

    Does the subtitles bother anyone else, or am I just being whiny? Haha.

  • they are probably set to small. go to my account, preferences, subtitles and captioning settings. see if that helps

  • Okay! I didn't know they were new settings and changes to them. There was no settings about a week ago and they looked fine on my PS4 app today, and then looked crappy on my PC. Thanks dude!

  • Stuff is slowly being converted from Funimations fonts which are hard encoded to the videos to new soft subs. Each system has it's own font style and size. So it's just that those shows finally got converted over to the new format.

    Make sure not to use the Windows 10 app, as it used the CC options built into Windows 10. Current CC system doesn't support shading/outlines for subtitles, making it impossible to watch some shows.

  • Yes, those are the soft subtitles. We'll be adding more subtitle outline effects soon.

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