Continuity errors in episode 31

  • After seeing both the sub and dub of episode 31: "Warrior," I've noticed a couple of continuity errors in the episode.

    The first one is in regards to one of the lines in the dub only, where Reiner asks Armin to tell Eren about how he almost got crushed in the female Titan's hand. Now, we all know at this point that the Titan he's referring to is Annie, but in the dub Reiner mentions Annie by name. Hear me out for a bit; Reiner and Bertholdt, along with Conny, Sasha, Historia, and Ymir, are outside of Wall Sina while the Stohess incident is taking place. Plus, communication in the series is done via horseback, not via electronic equipment (e.g. telephones). So, Reiner and Bertholdt aside, and given that the group had to fend off Titans through the night, how could anyone have known in advance that Annie was a shifter? Remember, Hange gave Eren's group specific instructions not to mention anything about Annie in Reiner and Bertholdt's presence. Therefore, I hope this line is tweaked a bit for the Blu-Ray release.

    The second continuity error I've noticed was actually brought up in the Crunchyroll forums when the simulcast came out, and thus needs to be corrected by the animators. Just before Reiner and Bertholdt transform, Mikasa cuts off Reiner's right hand. If you manage to pause the stream at the point where Reiner pushes Mikasa away from Bertholdt, you'll notice he still has his right hand. Jump a few seconds later and you'll see Reiner's right arm ends in a stump.

  • @GalaxyCrisis Huh.

    The time this is said is around 7:10 on the Funi stream btw (for those looking to corroborate).

    But yea. I just listened to the line in the dub and compared to the sub. The sub Reiner never says Annie's name just a Kyojin (Japanese word for titan). Dub Reiner does indeed say Annie though.

    My thoughts: at this point it is kind of clear that Reiner knows more than he is letting be known. His reactions to everything is hyperbolized, seriously no one else is reacting nearly as bad as him and he accidentally slipped that he knew who Annie was. If we followed the dub's story, Armin would quickly point out that he shouldn't know who Annie is as a titan. The script writer(s) probably didn't think about it because the audience (and like half the cast) know who Annie is and may have just thought that everyone knew and forgot that half the cast didn't.

    I agree though, they should go back and edit the dub.

  • In their world the laws and restrictions of the original attack on titan world do not apply hens their version of the wrong doings of the titans is stealing lunches! Even in the intro the killing and gruesome world is shown as a dream so i wouldn't hold anything up to the original series.

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