Speed Racer

  • I noticed that you recently added Speed Racer to your streaming line up, and are selling the series on DVD and Blu-Ray in the store. I was wondering if there were any plans on adding any other Speed Racer merchandise to be sold in the store? Its been a while since I have seen any Speed Racer items being sold that were not used, or been out for at least several years. It would be great to get to add something new to my collection after so long.

    Thanks in advance for any info, on the subject!

    Mandatory Disclaimer Statement
    When I said I hadn't seen anything new in several years, in no way was I including anything that was connected to that abomination Hollywood created, and had the audacity to call by the same name. Thank you writers and producers of Hollywood for your complete lack of originality, and creativity that has led to the need for statements such as this. The shame that you seem to have none of, will continue to be felt by us all.

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