CC on PS4

  • Anyone know how to make the CC stay on on the PS4 app. I have to turn it off and then back on every episode even though I have it turned on the captions still show up.

  • It's a known glitch that the tech team already know about, and it will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately we do not yet have an exact date for said update, but according to the admins here, it should be soon.

  • @mordenaj it's funny because that's the complete opposite of my issue with the PlayStation 4 app. The closed captioning automatically comes on as a default and I always have to stop the episode and turn them off. But what makes the situation even more annoying is that, when it automatically goes to the next episode, my settings haven't changed, but for some reason the closed captioning is back so I have to go into the settings turn them on and then off again to make them go away, for every episode that begins from autoplay. This is been happening for a pretty long time now. For those of us that lean more towards watching dubbed animes, isn't there a way that we could completely disable the closed captioning until we actually need it or at least until an anime is only in Japanese? I see no option for this in our account settings

  • The problem has always been there,it is no solution

  • @marie42063 Yep, I have that same exact issue.

  • Closing this thread as it was originally posted for the old app, and the new app doesn't have this issue. If you do see it in the new app - v.3.6 or later - then please make a new thread in Funimation General, and I'll take a look.

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