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  • Does anyone have, or can direct me to, a list of the Funimation mature content? I want to evaluate how 'mature' it is and whether it's appropriate for my daughter.

  • If you decide it's not, there is an option to restrict mature content under your account > video preferences.

  • You can't just go by the rating, you do have to evaluate them on a case by case basis. Some listed I don't think are as 'mature' as others. Depending on the kid, some might be ok to show, and others are definitely not.

  • @korrailli Yeah, some of the titles on that list I'm not even sure why they're on there. Like My Bride is a Mermaid.

    Probably is best to go case by case, and if you're worried about a particular show just ask, because chances are somebody here has seen it and can fill you in.

  • Like @MyOnlyFarph mentioned above, it really is on a show-by-show basis. I noticed quite a few shows in that list that shouldn't be anywhere higher than a TV-14. School Rumble, for instance, is actually mislabeled: It is a solid TV-PG, and therefore shouldn't even be showing up with the TV-MA listing.

    A good idea would be to let us know what kind of subject matter counts as "too mature" for you and your daughter, and we can advise you as to which shows would be most suitable for her to watch from there.

  • "Mature"? you mean 99.9% of Japanese anime?!

  • I agree with Spaceman, I do think a better way to go about this is to have us recommend shows, anime can have some pretty random "mature" moments, so if you're concerned it's best to know before jumping in. Maybe list what kind of genres she's looking for as well?

  • Guys thanks for your input. Much appreciated!

    I guess my question is more "how mature is the mature content on funimation?".

    I'm using the setting to disable mature content only as a safety net for now but i'm ok with Tokyo Ghoul/AOT level of mature. I just wanted to know if there is any content at the level of say Urotsukidoji (18/R/X rated).

  • @elrubio7 I'm not familiar with the title you mentioned but I don't think there is anything that could be considered 18/X-rated. Some of the shows have nudity or use perversion for humor, but I don't think there are any with graphic sexual content.

    "Prison School" is probably about the worst you could expect in that department.

  • no, nothing like Urotsukidoji exits on this site

  • There is no hentai (or anime pornography) on this site. There are, however, a handful of shows with rather graphic sex scenes and nudity. Some that come to mind are Rin ~Daughters or Mnemosyne~, Shigirui: Death Frenzy, Gantz, and Master of Martial Hearts.

    Even in those shows, however, the only nudity that is ever shown is exposed breasts and buttocks. Due to Japanese censorship laws, genitalia is never shown.

  • I think it also comes down to your own definition of mature. Like some shows can get pretty deep into their theme (imo Corpse Princess fits here, so does Ghost in the Shell), particularly violent (AoT and Hellsing Ultimate), and then there's really fanservice heavy (High School DxD), and the super lewd too (B Gata H Kei). Going through the list posted earlier, I honestly question why some of the shows are there (Like Selector Wixoss) and then why some shows aren't there (Steins;Gate) and then there are a great many shows that, while they do have something objectionable, the majority of the show isn't, Haganai for example has a very minor amount of nudity but if you put on the censors its got nothing else wrong with it. Then there's those shows that probably only have the MA rating because of one character (We Without Wings).

    But this all is subjective.

  • @Getchman said in Funimation Mature Content:

    no, nothing like Urotsukidoji exits on this site

    Guys thanks again for your informative responses. I guess this kind of settles it for me. I was just worried more about X rated content.

  • @elrubio7 You are very welcome! Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with, or if you have any questions on a show in particular, and we'll be happy to help. ^_^

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