Testament of sister new devil dub

  • Any news about the release of the testament of sister new devil dub?

  • Not at this time. All we know is that it's coming eventually.

  • Man that's sad.

  • Speculation as to the delay pretty much centers on the acquisition of the Uncut HD masters / OVAs from Kadokawa (license holder / publisher) & Production IMS (The animation Studio)

  • @SpacemanHardy I can't wait till it gets a dub.

    By the way, I knew you would lock my other topic. I am starting to hate you at this point. I had made a conclusion about why songs are not being dubbed, and one person game me probably the best reason, and Funimation suddenly got the message about the reason. People hate dubbed songs because It ruins the art and feel of the Japanese song, yet I have forced to watch it on the English dub track, where even if the song was dubbed, can't people switch to the subbed track to hear the untouched song?

    Anyway, you keep on locking my topics, so I can post on other topics and have them locked up. YOU MAKE ME SICK SPACEMAN HARDY. even posting on other non-funimation anime forums, and my topics still get locked. Everyone hates me, they can't stand me, they disagree with my opinions. Your all losers.

  • The solution here is to talk about something else, anything else. those don't get locked, unless of course you once again drag the conversation into dubbed songs. Its been over a year spaceshot, you clearly aren't stupid, so why do you keep doing something that annoys people over and over and over? if you don't listen to people when they tell you something, they are going to get upset, this is common sense

  • @Getchman I am sorry everyone, including Spaceman Hardy for any insults. Reason why I brought up the topic again on Thursday, was because something popped up in my head about me coming to some conclusion that's all.

    Apparently, most fans of anime, including many Otakus, seem to know at lease a little bit of Japanese. I grew up completely on dubbed anime, getting used to the US voices, plus because of my disability, its hard for me to learn another language, nor did I take any Foreign Language classes in school. I just would find it unusual for example when the voice of the anime character talking does not match that of the singer, and I think that songs in Japanese don't have a place in an English dub, where in dubs, all things said is supposed to be in the language of the dub.

    I miss the golden age of dubs, and I hate how the number of dubs in Japanese video games has been drastically reduced. Most games that get dubbed are fantasy rpgs. Visual Novels, fighting games, and Ecchi games almost never get dubs these days. That is why many of the newer voice actors from Bang Zoom didn't do a lot of voice roles so far, compared to the newer Funimation Voice actors.

  • Constantly posting about dub songs isn't going to get Funimation to dub more songs. All it does is annoy people. Your threads get locked becasue you keep posting, getting the same answer (the answer isn't going to change), and still don't understand why no one can give you the answer you want. Now you are hijacking other threads. I am really not sure what you are looking for now. Songs are either going to get dubbed or they aren't, and there really isn't anything you can do about it. Unfortunately, Anime is made for Japanese people, not everything is going to get dubbed in English. Just be glad a lot does get an English dub, many languages don't even get official subtitles.

  • @korrailli I guess your right. I'll let it all go. I give Up.

  • Why would you want songs being dubbed? They already tried it long ago and it wasn't that good.

  • @R0ckyRZ

    please, for the sake of everyone's sanity, just delete this question. you are opening up a can of worms

  • I'm going to have to ask everyone to please stay on topic from here on out and not derail the thread any more than it already has been. Thank you.

    Like I said earlier, there has not yet been any recent news about the dub of Sister New Dub as of late.

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