My Hero Academia Intro Song: Season 1 vs Season 2

  • I can't decide which I like better!

    MHA Season 1 Intro song "THE DAY" by the band Porno Graffitti (ポルノ グラフィティ)


    MHA Season 2 Intro song "Peace Sign" by Kenshi Yonezu

    The Day is my work out jam, nothing gets me more pumped!

    But on the other hand, Peace Sign makes me super happy!

    Which do you prefer and why? i can't decide!

  • I gotta go with Peace Sign. Its really catchy and upbeat. I also enjoy the visuals a lot more. I know they're a little more simple but I feel like so many people are always caught up in like "shonen openings must be the most hyped things ever" but Peace sign seems to know how to balance. The full version is just really easy to listen too. I'm wondering about the new opening when the full version comes out. Amazarashi, the band, sings my favorite ending them ever so im very curious.

  • Yeah all the intros have been so good it really is hard to decide which is better. I'm absolutely loving the recent ED though

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