Subtitles and Closed Caption

  • Hello, as a hard of hearing individual, subtitles and closed caption is very important to me. So far I've noticed : Overlord, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and episode 3 and on of Dagashi Kashi don't have subtitles/closed captioning. Could we at least get a due date when subtitles will be added or whenever a SimulDub is done that it instantly includes subtitles/closed captioning?

    I personally don't mind waiting for the subtitles at a later date but I'd liked to know how "long" I need to wait for those subtitles/closed captioning.

  • Closed caption s appear to be added when a show is released on disk. So you have about a year for dragonmaid before its released

  • Well with that said, I'd still be happy if I had the option for Japanese (ENG) subtitles on top of the dub knowing full well that the dub would be different then the sub but at least I'd have something to read. Just saying, the "option" to do that would be nice.

  • @SpikeDaPenguin Ha, I sometimes watch shows that way, just to see what changes they made during the dub.

    I see your issue though as there's no way to do that on the site :(

  • Closed caption used to be on about 90% of funimation shows until they changed the interface and option on their last major update towards the end of last year, which sucks so hard BTW. Everything was a lot more convenient just about 8 or 9 months ago. The whole setup compared to before is bootleg-ish smh, here's to hoping for old interface or at least a choice between the old and new with a drop down menu. Crossing eyes fingers and toes while praying to God...

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