Recommended Mps for Streaming?

  • Hi, so since Funimation went to its new format ive been having trouble streaming. My internet isn't great but its not horrible, it never goes below 13Mps and is usually closer to 15Mps. Often I'll usually get a black screen while the audio still plays till the video catches up, but of late its been just stopping, especially with newer dubs like Brave Witches. I don't use a virus scanner (aside from windows defender), and I don't have anything else running that takes up bandwidth like skype, steam, etc....

    So what is the recommended Mps for streaming? Because I don't feel like i'm getting my monies worth for my subscription.

  • Well, it may be more of a factor of who your ISP is... It seems FUNimation's servers are garage at times. What they may "reccommend" based upon theoretical specs, and realtime live performance, may be worlds apart therefore.

    Try to stay above 20Mbps, even 30Mbs if you can. Yes, it shouldn't "need" that much power for basic HD video; but to correct for errors and server lag, it may be. Plus, which device you use seems to have a variation issues.

    In theory, with "variable bit streaming", it should accommodate all speed tiers, but meh... Wishful thinking. Personally, I use a 100Mbs connection, and half that in the past, and it seems to work fine. But like I said, your ISP could be in effect be QoS (Quality of Service) ur connection, so hard to say regardless...

  • Thank you TGA for breaking it down for me. Thought to be fair Mps isn't a matter of choice for most people due to a lack of good old capitalistic competition in less serviced, rural areas. Unfortunately compared to the rest of the industrialized world, America doesn't believe that infrastructure is important, or that access to the internet is a necessity/utility. Ergo my asking of legitimate consumer rights related question. What is the recommended Mps for funimation's streaming service.

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