Video Quality issues.

  • Trying to watch Attack on Titan on my Chromecast. All the other apps I use to watch video are having no problem putting out HD video. The Funimation app however is only playing in what appears to be low quality. Worse than SD. Ran a speed test on my Chromecast and it's doing just fine. So hopefully this issue can be corrected :( When I watch the same episode on my phone it starts out a little fuzzy then goes full HD. I'm using the Funimation Now App

  • Every Saturday when I tune in to watch the latest episode, it's been playing back with horribly low resolution too, at least the past few weeks (using Xbox app). Only AOT. Most other shows look fine. Maybe its just too popular?

  • I have the same problem. I have the Chromecast Ultra. It probably only happens about 5% of the time. The video is in super low quality. It looks like 240p or 360p. I let it run for a couple of minutes hoping that it will auto adjust to a higher quality, but sadly it doesn't.

  • Everyone need to open a ticket. I had this problem about couple weeks ago and opened a ticket but it will help if more people open a ticket with same problem to show this is a huge problem.

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