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    Has anyone been encountering a situation where, if you have a custom avatar, it will not upload on your "My Account" page? Also, it seems that depending on what page you are on, even choosing a generic avatar like "Luffy" will vanish?


  • Okay, through some more troubleshooting, i've had a breakthrough on this, but too tired to explain the full details now... Suffice it to say, that in order for you to upload your custom avatar (in one section of the forum at least) (and in my case) i had to employ Google Chrome - - once settings were applied with G.C., then, I was able to see the changes properly applied once i went back into IE 11 as weird as it sounds. I should have more on this in the coming days....


  • Please do post what was happening and what you did to fix. If we have an issue with avatars not appearing in the forum correctly, then we need to fix it.

  • Okay. So, there are some different areas of the Funimation site where avatars can be uploaded. In this first region that i undertook:0_1496220702758_Account Page.JPG
    It will not allow an upload if you use IE 11. I tried uploading Tiff, JPEG even PNG to no avail. Even making the file size smaller did not matter. It will indefinitely say 'loading' or something to that effect. To upload, i had to switch over to Google Chrome. G.C. allowed the custom file to be uploaded which, then, bringing back up IE 11, it then accepts that change. I would say that this is a key area because once your custom avatar is loaded here, it will then display as such in the comments section of videos, another key aspect that i will discuss momentarily.
    The next area i tackled for uploading my custom avatar is evidenced here:
    0_1496221499590_Going to Edit Page.JPG
    0_1496221705204_Changing Avatar from the Edit which will then replace the standard one in forums.JPG
    Now, this area is a little more complicated in that you cannot upload from your computer (which i think should change) In order to get the "URL" i had to go back to the section of the Website where comments on videos are evidenced:
    0_1496221966522_Procedure i used to change over avatar on fun forum.JPG
    Like i explain in the picture, utilizing Google Chrome allows you to right click on your avatar there and retrieve the web address that you can then plug into that other section of the Website where it was asking you for the "Upload New Picture from URL". That is key, because then, you do not have to have the standard fare avatar in the forums, mine used to be the green "P".
    Some other oddities i'm noticing is that (at least my custom avatar, while i'm on the FUNimation Website) can be visible on certain pages, then, vanish (like Haruhi) in other places. I am including more screenshots that document this:
    0_1496222692602_My new avatar mysteriously disappeared.JPG
    You will notice, in the top-right corner, it is the purple circle.
    Then, avatar magically appears again:
    0_1496222785522_Avatar magically returns.JPG
    Some more of this phenomena happening:
    0_1496222869787_Custom Avatar disappears on Forum page in top right corner.JPG
    0_1496222935931_My custom avatar evidenced on hompepage.JPG

    I apologize for the long-winded and wonky presentation of this. There are probably better methods, however, i guess this is my experience for now.


  • Administrator Sophie explains,

    "Please do post what was happening and what you did to fix. If we have an issue with avatars not appearing in the forum correctly, then we need to fix it."

    Hello, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to check in on this. i apologize for not expounding sooner on this, sometimes, finding motivation is increasingly difficult these days... Perhaps it would be better if the system was set up to have only one area in which to upload an avatar, then, it would be distributed to all areas of the Website? As for my custom avatar appearing in certain sections then disappearing in certain sections is just odd. It is not just germane to my custom avatar. At one point, i was using "Luffy" (i think) and noticed the same occurrence of both appearing and disappearing... i am not sure if the appearing/ disappearing is just limited to IE 11.
    Side note:- Correct me if i'm wrong, did i see you once mention that you drew your avatar? if so, that is absolutely amazing! have you ever drawn your own manga? Is your avatar based off of what you look like in real life to an extent? If that is too personal, do not answer. i guess i'm always fascinated by people with superior skills, in this case, awesome artistic talent.
    Side note 2:- I can proudly say that my auto-renewal for FUNimation premium subscription went off without a hitch (even though VISA debit is connected with it) and i am immensely pleased. I have to say, it was thanks to presentations like with Fuuka and Masamune's Revenge that kept me subscribed despite some tumult with the Website. Especially episode 8 of Masamune's Revenge - - such a powerful episode. Neko's body language in the scene where she surprised him in her bedroom was intense! The creator put so much attention to detail in that scene, the way she cradled his face explaining that her attendant would be away for the evening, my goodness. For example, even if i'm exhausted, i will still take out some time just to watch that scene. Is anyone else here strangely addicted to that scene? Maybe i like that scene so much because, on some level, i desire an affectionate relationship such as that. God only knows... It's hard for me to quantify the complexities of relationship... Funimation's shows evoke such probing conundrums in my mind, probably another reason why i love them so much.


  • Okay, even in Chrome, i am witnessing the disappearing act of my avatar... On the Homepage, i see it, on my account page i see it, however, when i enter the forums, then, it vanishes (in the top right corner that is) and i see the generic purple circle. Interesting...

  • Sorry to "ring back in", but, another weirdness i'm noticing, say i "log out" from the homepage, so, i think i'm logged out. Then (without entering my credentials again) i just happen to go to the forums page - - and i'm magically logged back in again! Could it be persistent cookies that are stored that allow this occurrence? I'm noticing this in both IE 11 as well as Google Chrome.


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